Shoebox hats

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more hats ready for the shoebox appeal!:smiley:
my personal favourite out of these is the peach and red one:)

found some more pics of previous ones - now bagged up ready to go in the boxes, or direct to the checking warehouse


and another one…

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Nice hats!

What pattern did you use for the purple hat on the left and it is an adult or kids hat? I need a pattern with a flipped up brim for my 7 year old grandson for a hat for Christmas to go with his sweater. This is the pattern I want, but haven’t been able to find one. Thanks

It’s a child’s hat.the pattern says it will fit 7 - 10 yrs

the purple one on the left are 100 stitches cast on in 3.25mm,increased 1 stitch in last row of rib, worked in rib for 4ins,
then stocking stitch and 4mm needles till 6ins long, then decrease by k8, k2 tog,purl a row,k7, k2 tog and so ontill there’s 21 sts left,
then k2 tog across, draw thread through rem sts, and sewed up in backstitch. very easy!i use that all the time.i use double knitting wool - i believe it’s called worsted yarn in America?I’m English…

the colours are up to you!in the purple one i ribbed in purple, did another 4 rows in purple, then 4 rows of each rainbow colour, and decreased in purple.

This is my favorite cap pattern:

You need to adjust the number of stitches for the gauge of the yarn you use, once you get the hang of it, it is REALLY easy. For worsted weight I cast on 126 stitiches and then divide by 18 stitches when you start decreasing for the crown. You can make the fold up part as wide as you want.

Very cute!

Thanks for the instructions! The hats look grand btw!

Those are beautiful!