Shoe Cover

Want to share with you what a friend down the street wanted me to
knit for her. She had Bunion Surgery
on both feet. So i knitted for her
Black Wool with Fleece linning, also
Black Vinyle shoe coverings.
Imeasured from angle to toe and
width, plus extend on one side to go
around the heel just pass the angle
to be Velcor on. The bottom to keep it on i Half Crochet, Chain one and
did that around, so that i could weave black elastic into each chain,
then Velcor it to open and close.
The lenght of shoe was 10 inches.
The doctor had her wear open
sandles to protect her feet. Hope
that this is understandable

That’s a great idea. Being forced to wear sandals during winter for medical reasons would be rough! What a nice (and talented) friend you are!

Do you crochet also? I bought a wash clouth that is knitted and has wholes in it, it seems every other switch and i don’t know how to do that.
Cann’t do anything really difficult Don’t always understant directions by
reading them. Have done a cable switch. Learn how to knit when i was
eight years old. That and crocheting is hard to give up.