Shizknitter Vest Experiment

So with all the interest in the new Twinkle book (i forget the title, big city knits? did i make that up?) about how the finished garment size is so small, I decided I’d try out the idea that knits will stretch a lot to fit, especially if they’re chunky (is that last part part of the reason it works, i don’t really know). So I decided to knit a little vest in chunky yarn, didn’t want to commit to sleeves since I wasn’t sure it would really work. I’m about a 34" bust and decided to make a top 9" smaller than my actual bust size, at 25". So I swatched and did gauge calculations and knit to make something that size. And I got the Shizknitter vest.

It does fit, though it is quite stretched. In fact, the last time I measured it, it seems to have grown 2 or 3" presumably just from me wearing it and stretching it out. Still, no more than 28". You can see from the photos that it’s stretching, cuz you can see the white of my shirt through it. But it’s not uncomfortable. And I can feel that it could, in fact, stretch more if put to it.

There are 2 things I really like about this vest. One is the neck. I love this. What can I call this? It’s kinda like a v-neck, kinda shawl collar neck. Anyway, I tried to get a decent picture of it, but not so successful. The other thing I like is the back, and you can see that in the picture, too.

The bad thing? The stretched out nature of it over my bust gives me a uniboob. :pout:

edited to add: This is my 1000th post!

I love it!!! :cheering:

The vest is great and the fit looks perfect. I love the “Shizknitter” on the back, too funny! :roflhard:

As usual it’s great. :notworthy: :notworthy:

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

That looks great on you!

love the personalized touch! you are so creative…

That looks great on you! I love how you personalized it!


Awesome! It looks great on you! :cheering:

Really Cool!! :happydance: