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Hey guys.

I have never knit a shirt before, so I thought maybe a knit a long would be a good idea. I also have never done a knit a long - so I might be killing two birds with one stone. Well anyways, I would love to knit the Cross Strap from Vogue Knitting. All you need to do is get the magazine for the pattern (and of course the yarn, which isn’t expensive!!) You can see a picture of it here:

Let me know if your interested and if you can help me with this whole knit a long thing.

Ooh, that’s cute and different. I wish I didn’t have so many things pending the needles right now. I’d totally do it with you. I hope you’ll continue to post your progress in here. :slight_smile:

Okay, this is my first shirt and I just want to clarify this part of the directions before I end up ripping it out for the fifth time. It says:

Beg with st 1 of chart, work 8-st rep of chart 9 times, work sts 11-15 once. Cont to foll chart in this way, rep rows 1-12, AT SAME TIME, inc 1 st each side (working inc in pat and inside of p2 selvage sts) at 6 1/2" from beg, then every 10th row 4 times more - 89 sts. Work even until piece measures 16" from beg.

So, my first increase from what I gather should be at 6 1/2", but where do I add it, and what st will it be on my chart (which is a 15 st chart with an 8 row repeat).

If anyone has the magazine, it is the Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2007 Pattern #5 (Cross Strap Top)

I have the yarn for this - but i got distracted and started the cardigan #19 in that magazine. There are so many projects I want from this Vogue. Of course, I have never made myself a wearable item before so I am probably overly ambitious. Follow the pattern? Nah, I have already altered the length to lower the ribbed waist. I am planning on starting the top you want more like mid-summer, so post your progress and I’ll pick up with you then.

I’ve taken a short break on the shirt to knit my sister a graduation present. Then there is the whole, I’m not sure about adding stitches into it because then I won’t know how to read the chart, and I don’t know where to add them. But yeah, I’ll post progress once I start knitting it again.

I finally know what I am doing on my shirt, so I am going to rip the few rows I have out (because they already started unraveling) and start over. Join in if you want!

Ok, anything special you can tell me before I start this? I haven’t really knit from charts before either, so whatever you learned that can be used as a ‘helpful hint’ would be appreciated. How is your sweater coming along? Pictures?

Haha, right now there is no shirt I had put it aside for the longest time. But I finally know what I am doing for when I restart…which will be soon if you are ready to start yours. The only thing I had trouble understanding in the directions was the increase. When you begin to increase you will have 2 new stitches in the next row. I thought you purled them so it would be part of the selvage…well that’s wrong. The new stitch will be treated as the end or beginning of a new round. If you understand that…you might have known this already. Let me know if you need any help, and I will get mine back on the hook!

Hi there! I’ve been working on this top for a while, so decided to join the forum and jump in.

I’ve finished the back and am on row 22 of the front graph. For the increases on the selvage edge just make one on either end of a RS row just inside the selvage. Keep working the pattern (think of it as a series of columns rather than counting rows - it’ll keep you from shifting over)

Just for kicks, I am knitting the medium body, but did the raglan shaping for the large size so I can fit in the large size sleeve. Hope it works.

The front isn’t as hard as it looks, but make sure you start with the downloaded pages, not the magazine, because the pattern has been “corrected”.

Happy knitting,

Thanks Margot! After starting this thread I haven’t even begun making the shirt. Thanks for the helpful advice though for when I start it!