Shipping...ugh! i'm so upset!

Okay, I’m venting here because ya’ll feel my pain!!
Well, you know that I knit four pair of socks for my aunt’s bday…well, UPS just left the package on her doorstep and [color=red]IT’S GONE[/color] :shock: !!! Lonnie deals with UPS on a daily basis and I’ve created an invoice to give them so that they will reimburse me, it is automatically insured for $100.00, but…I’m still out of the work, she won’t have her socks for a long time now & I’m just MAD
I asked my uncle to ask his neighbors if they picked the package up off of their porch…hopefully a neighbor has it & I won’t have to file this invoice with UPS & my auntie will have warm feet
Thanks for allowing me to vent :wink:

well it is stuff like that which makes me feel bad when people grumble about USPS! UPS sadly, is not much better in their service than USPS! Though it is probably not their fault if that is what they always do in that neighborhood and some kid just wandered by and grabbed it. sigh

anyway we deal with UPS on a pretty frequent basis too…make sure they are checking all around the house at other doors and behind bushes and stuff. And the garage! We get calls from customers all the time who found their packages in the garage when UPS has never left them there before!

poor auntie with the cold toes! :crying:

Holy crap! I would be in tears right now. I am so sorry :frowning:

Oh no! I had a situation once where the website said it had been delivered, but had some cryptic message on it like it was delivered to 'frontdoors" or something. Turns out he HADN’T left it and it was delivered later that evening. Weird. Hope you get it solved soon!

Oh NO! I hope you get it worked out…

We had a similar situation when we moved to our new house…UPS delivered a package and my garage door was open so he put it in the garage. I couldn’t find it for days (said delivered when I tracked it) so just as I was going to submit an invoice, I found it…the UPS drive had put it next to my trash can where all of our moving boxes were located and I carried it out to the curb for pick-up!!! I know he was trying to help by putting it in the garage but I could have thrown it away!

I didn’t know UPS was leaving packages at the door step! Isn’t it weird? I mean, it’s almost ASKING for trouble!

Anyways, it’s really sad. :frowning: But I’m sure your aunt still appreciates your good intentions.

Thank you all…I knew u would feel my pain :wink:
Lonnie deals with UPS on a daily basis & he is going to deal with the reimbursement, etc. I emailed my uncle & asked that he look all over the yard as well as with the neighbors.
I had forgotten about the time a UPS truck hit my daughter’s car out in front of our home…these people can be hinky sometimes :shock: LOL
We couldn’t prove it, Lonnie recognized the color of the paint on Shannon’s car that was left from the vehicle that hit it! AND the driver didn’t even knock on the door, just left a notice that we weren’t home & they would try again…well, at that time the package wasn’t left @ the door…just a car that had been hit!! I’ve lost all confidence in UPS I must say!

Actually it is pretty normal…and i have to tell you, when we place orders for people and ask them what they want done with the package, 90% of the time they tell us to have them just leave it on the porch or front step or whatever. There are certain places where they won’t do that, but it is pretty normal practice for them.

I’m so sorry, Rebecca. How utterly frustrating. :frowning:

Our UPS man always leaves our packages on our (covered) porch. He rings the doorbell as he does it, but doesn’t wait for me to come to the door. It’s more of an announcement thing. By the time I get to the door, he’s usually already bound back into his truck. Our UPS truck is so loud, I always get excited when I hear it in the neighborhood, hoping it’s bringing something to me.

my guy is a delight…bah! I have the telephone hooked up only to the intercom for me to buzz someone in. the phone hanging in the kitchen does have an answering machine on it, but since i only use my cell for calls i never look at it. He and the Fedex guy have a bad habit of just leaving messages on there to let me know i have a package or to give me the fedex number and when i can pick it up. If i didn’t know i had a package coming it could sit for days without me knowing (the fedex guy left my brand new laptop at the office without my signature…and you know Dell requires name only signatures…just anybody can’t sign for it…i was NOT pleased!) When i shut off the answering machine to force him to leave the note that the last guy always did, he stopped leaving any notice at all. and when i am home when he arrives (which isn’t often unless i am planning to be there for a package!) he is irritated that he has to come in and deliver it…

when did the UPS guy stop being the delight of everybody’s day? :wink:

My UPS man is nice! He rings the doorbell and runs back to his truck, but usually my front door is open and my car is in the driveway, so I don’t have a problem with that. I have a close friend who is a driver for UPS, and my husband used to work there, so I do have a soft spot for them- they work so hard. I hope that your aunt’s package turns up, Rebecca- what a shame for all that love and hard work to go to waste!

Oh no! I hope it turns up. Maybe if someone did take it, once they open it and see the beautiful hand-knit socks, they’ll feel guilty and return it!

I sure hope so!! I haven’t heard back from my uncle since I emailed him & told him that it was left @ his door Wed. I told him that he should search EVERYWHERE!! I do so hope they turn up

Oh Rebecca, that makes me so sad. All of that hard work and it is gone. I sure hope whoever took it realizes what a gift they took and sheepishly returns it in the middle of the night.

OH that’s AWFUL!!! :frowning:

I actually had a UPS guy SIGN MY NAME on the slip before he left it on the doorstep! :mad: I had to go through a whole process with signature comparisons and everything!

Now, we keep a sign up that says if we dont answer, deliver next door where our neighbors are always home.

That’s terrible!!! It amazes me that someone would do that. Maybe they will show up at a neighbors house…or maybe the socks won’t fit the theif and he’ll feel guilty and return them??? :shock:

Thanks so very, very much for your support, everyone!! Ya’ll are a great group and I so knew I could vent about this CATASTOPHE (well, perhaps not a catastrophe, rather knitting mishap :wink: ) to you & you would completely understand! I do so hope that my uncle emails me & says that he found the package…if not, my aunt will be getting a springy lace scarf instead of socks this time :wink:

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: My uncle found the package!!! YIPPEE!! OK, the deal is that they have someone that comes in to help around the house a couple of times a week since my aunt had the stroke & she put the box away & didn’t tell anyone :shock: & he just happened upon it in the closet :smiley: I’m just very happy that it was found, she loves her socks & thanks for allowing my bit o’ venting here :wink:

:cheering: An Easter miracle!!! :cheering: :cheering:

:cheering: :cheering: