Shipping Sugestion

I mentioned to my husband last night that I was signed up for the Oddball Blanket Charity and we chatted about it for a while and he said “How is this shipped from person to person?” to which I said…I assume the knitter who has it last pays for the shipping to the next person. And he said,
"Has anyone called the shipping companies and asked if they would donate by shipping these items from person to person? What an opportunity for the shipping companies ,UPS, FedEx, (he said some others but cant remember them right now) to get advertising for their part in this charity work, And you guys would get your shipping paid for which would lower your cost."
To which I said… I will post it and see where it goes.
So Im posting it. Lets see where it goes…LOL

Pipe in here if ya want to.

I would think if it was a sanctioned charity [I]maybe[/I] then but this is something between knitters.

The other thing is that we are all over the country. There is no one central place where we all ship from nor a certain person to bill to. I think someone had called around at one point, but it wasn’t feasible due to something like these things.


Yes, it was looked into at one time, but there was no way to make it work. We would have to have a master account, or a corporation name, or something like that.

We are just a group of individuals, knitting all over the world. No corporation or anything.

Each person is responsible for their own shipping. It’s part of our agreement when we join the project. The only real requirement we have is [U]delivery confirmation[/U] (75 cents), because this helps us track the packages. (We lost some packages in the past when we didn’t have delivery confirmation.) :pout:

The baby blankets are small, so the shipping is not that expensive for them. The same is true for the shawls. The only packages that can get expensive are the full size Oddball Blankets, when they start getting big.

Hi There!:slight_smile:

I asked the same thing… apparently there is “nothing they can do”. (Our shipping costs exceeded $300 in a month, so we had to change things up! But I help run a section of Warm Woolies, so we were shipping out a few blankets a week:P) So we just changed our system… I really wish there was something they could do though:( I can’t help but think many more babies would be helped if they could.

But at least we do what we can right?:wink: