Shine Sport *sigh*

What have you made with Knitpicks’ Shine Sport??? The stuff I have didn’t want to be Picovoli, is not too happy as this Drops Designs tank either.

I just don’t know anymore, it is not telling me what it wants to be :shrug: . I have 8 balls of it, I think part of the problem is that I like the thought of making garments but I never end up wearing the garments that I make. Hmmmmm :thinking:

I really like the drops design tank… I may have to knit that myself!

I’ve got 10 balls of it and have no idea what to do with it. :shrug:

I found a cushion pattern in ‘The Knitter’s Bible’ that I might try. It is a patchwork type thing with samplers of different stitch patterns, and in the book it is done in different colours, but if I did it all in ‘green apple’, which is the colour I have, then I think I’ll choose a bolder fabric for the backing. Crossing my fingers that it works out this time.

I have 20 balls of it on the way, and they’re going to be a Log Cabin throw (blanket if I have enough yarn). I saw someone else’s Log Cabin made with Shine and it was beautiful.

What problem did you find with the yarn in knitting the Picovoli and the tank?

Didn’t mean to make it sound like there was something wrong with the yarn - there really isn’t. I like it a lot and it produces a nice soft fabric…my problem is knitting garments that I don’t end up wearing, so I was hoping to find a project for some type of household thing, like a cushion!! I’m sure your throw will be beautiful, I wish I had enough of Shine for a throw.

Ahhh I see. Well, you could also make a Log Cabin pillow (maybe a few)! Much more instant gratification than a throw!

…my problem is knitting garments that I don’t end up wearing,

I like to take my favorite shirt, sweater, tank and measure it out, then knit to those measurements with a yarn I like. Then I have a favorite, in a different look (knitted) and with a different color. :happydance: