Shimmer and Shine strapless top

Just in time to catch the end of summer. This is the Shimmer and Shine top from Summer 2008 Knitter’s Magazine made with Noro Matsuri. Only problem is, I can’t keep the back from slipping down. Any suggestions? ETA: There is a 3/4" wide strip of elastic there already, 2" smaller than my above-bust measurement. (Clickie for biggie pickie)

That is a cute top and it looks really good on you. Maybe you could put a stip of elastic in the back at the top. To be truthful I’m not very creative. But that top is cute and I love the colorway.

What Mary said, it really is cute.

An half inch wide bit of elastic stitched in should take care of the problem, leaving you feeling a bit more secure.

Had a friend over to dinner last night, he told me a hilarious story about losing his shorts, to the ground, while trying to cross a street here in town, his hands were too full t use. The incident actually made the paper. :rofl:

Don’t want that to happen to you~~

Looks great and such pretty colours.

Thanks! Oh, did I forget to mention, there is a strip of elastic in there, 3/4" wide. It’s 2" smaller than the measurement above my bust. But it still slips!

WOW that is gorgeous!! what a great fit!! i have no ideas how to make it stop falling when you already have elastic. maybe double sided tape? they sell a type especially for clothes so there are no wardrobe malfunctions. I use it and it works great for me.

Very nice!

I Love it . It looks amazing on you :slight_smile:

Stunning x

REally cute and you look just adorable in it!

:yay: very pretty!!

very, very pretty - it looks great on you!

that’s a great idea. I’m going to look into that.

thanks again, everyone. :muah:

What a lovely top :heart: And it looks wonderful on you, too!

Wow! That is stunning! You really have a knack for picking just the right colors. It suits you nicely!

That is a beautiful top and the colors look great on you! :inlove: I would have to second the double side tape suggestion. If you wore a strapless bra maybe you could fasten it to that somehow.


Beautiful top :yay:

That is so gorgeous. I love the color, the fit & style. Great job. bummer it keeps falling and I wish I had a suggestion but since you already have the elastic I don’t know what to tell ya. maybe the double sided tape idea will work. It sure is cute.

maybe you could sew clear straps to it?

It looks great! Very nice colors! I don’t have any great suggestions about the back slipping either. I was going to say maybe small safety pins connected to a strapless bra.