Shifting Sands KAL

I just started this beautiful pattern the other day, and I’m looking for others to knitting this along with me. :slight_smile: Any grabbers?

I’m not doing mine nearly as wide (I’m shooting for around 3.5"-4"), and I’m using Araucania Nature Wool, in one of the pink shades.

That’s very pretty! Thanks for posting it. I will likely make it, but not until it starts to get cooler. For some reason, knitting a scarf this time of year makes me remember that winter is going to come back.:pout:

Come on Ingrid, you know you wanna! I’m having a hard time staying focused on the scarf, and need some encouragement in the form of KALers. heh I keep wanting to CO for something else (and I have way too many things OTN).

Here’s my progress so far. I had to frog a few rows back because I had added a stitch somewhere. But now, with cabling without a cable needle under my belt, I find myself moving faster. Yay.

Here’s my progress for day two, the scarf is now 6" long:

Feel free to join in, guys! :slight_smile: