Shifting increased Braided Cables over KFB

If this sounds confusing, you are not alone!! I have contacted the pattern site and tried to talk with someone at a knitting store and so here is my last attempt before giving up.

This is the pattern:

I love the intricate looks of this! But I’ve been having such difficulties with the side increased cables. I’ve taken out soo many rows. I will try my best to explain.
I am making the XS/M size which starts with only two of the braided cables on either side. These cables slant inward due to a P2tog on either side that brings them in diagonally. The pattern calls for two additional cables to be increased into the pattern using a KFB on either side (which balances the stitch count with the P2tog).

Here is my issue: The braided cables that are increased into the pattern look incredibly jumbled since they are constantly shifting over the KFB stitch and this does not appear as a problem in the images of the sweater. Is there a way to accomplish a uniform braided cable while shifting it over stitches?

I’ve included my most recent practice swatch which is still not accomplishing the look of the sweater.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated, even if that’s a recommendation to scrap this (can you tell that my frustrations are edging in? :laughing: ) thank you SO much!!!

Welcome to KH!
Lovely pattern.
I’ve looked at the first several rows. In which row does the cable pattern shift over the kfb?
Isn’t the kfb in the side panels rather than in a cable pattern?
(These may just be things I notice before actually trying a swatch.)

Hi there! Thank you for taking a look. The pattern starts being worked into the increased stitches from the kfb at the 11th row when it saysNext Row (RS). Pat to first marked st. Kfb. P1M on last st. (etc.) This is the first instruction on the 3rd page of the pattern.

OK, let me give it a try.

There are two things that may help.
When you get to the point where you have enough sts to add another cable panel A (or B) plus one edge stitch, move marker on the last stitch of the kfb (PM) to that edge stitch and use it for the kfb in succeeding rows. That way the kfb will always be closer to the edge than the cable panels. Do the same thing when you have enough sts to add the 4th cable panel on each side.

I prefer this version of kfb because it lies flatter without the bar or “purl bump” part of the stitch.


Thank you so much! I will give it a try and get back to you. You have been the most help out of all of the places I’ve gone. I really appreciate you getting back to me so quickly!!

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