Shift Stitch

Hello Everyone:

I am once again starting a new knitting project and came across this and was hoping for clarification.The first 2 sts are knitted twice - at the beginning and at the end of the round, so the beginning of the round is moved.
SO it sounds like a shift stitch but how is it worked exactly?HAT

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It simply sounds like the marker moves over 2sts. What pattern are you following? Can you give us just the name or a link?

Maybe this is it.

Thanks for the link, GG.
It’s really that the beginning of round marker moves on some of the rounds more than that the sts are knit twice.
There are some helpful notes on this project:

If you look at the rows you’ve already knit i.e. read your knitting and make sure to align the cables it should all go well. It’s a very good looking hat with interesting cables.

That makes sense to me now, thank you! Yes here is the link for the free download:

I did not realize it was unisex, but after checking out Ravelry I see that it is. I believe originally I purchased this pattern from Etsy, a year or two ago, and am just getting around to making it. I am super addicted to cables. I also got the library to order the “Viking Patterns for Knitters” by Elsebeth Lavold, which I cannot wait to receive.

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question, thanks to all of you, I appreciate it.