Shifio kp29

Has anyone on here ever knitted this?

I am confused on the neck shape. If I dec 1st at neck edge until 11st remain, I will have to knit around 70 rows, which seems far too much.

Any suggestions?

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When you divide for the armholes you end up with 25sts at the end of the row. The working yarn is attached to the last 25sts after the second armhole bind off. Those are the only sts you’re presently concerned with.

Later, when you knit to the last 8sts and place those sts on hold, there’ll be 17sts remaining. Decrease one stitch at the neck edge on every row until 11sts remain. That’ll take only 6 rows.

Thank you so much. After posting, I kept reading it and suddenly, the penny dropped. I have just now finished the body and am now about to pick up St to make the collar.
Have just started knitting for charity, after a gap of at least 50 yrs, and love the challenge of learning new designs. God to know there’s others to help if I’m stuck again. :yarn: :+1:

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