ShibuiKnits Sock.. Pooling like crazy!

I am knitting up a pair of simple stockinette socks and the ShiBuiKnits Sock yarn (in Zinnia colorway). It is pooling like crazy! I’m not sure I care for it. When I worked the heel and gusset, I got this beautiful striping - the rest of the sock is giant pools of color.

One of my biggest pet peeves is pooling. It can turn the most beautiful yarn into a big muddy mess. The real trick I think is to find the correct gauge. Most variegated yarns have a gauge that they can be knit at that will show off the colours properly. This can mean that if you’re knitting at 7 stitches per inch it might look like poo, but at 8 stitches per inch it will be beautiful.
Another option is to use slip stitch patterns that are meant for variegated yarns. Anytime I see one I bookmark it because I cannot stand pooling!

A couple patterns that work well with pooling yarns are rpm, Aquaphobia and Show Off Stranded Socks.

I know what you mean about pooling, but still - they are sort of neat looking I think.

I’ve also heard of knitting with 2 different balls and alternating them each row.

All of those sock patterns are yummy! I especially love the Aquaphobia!!