Shetland Hap Shawl

Has anyone knitted any of these shawls? I would love to see any photos and hear about it, as I am contemplating knitting one.

Have you a link to a pattern? I’d love to see one.

You can do a search on Shetland hap shawl or look at these two websites, or There is also a pattern for one on at the northernlace shopby Elizabeth Lovick. This will be a future project for me. Am trying lace knitting for the first time with a cat’s paw pattern I got from the northern lace site.

I looked up a few patterns and I don’t think you would have a problem. The people who did the pattern by the designer you named said it was lots of st St followed by feather and fan st.

I was scared to death of attempting lace until I jumped in and did Traveling Woman on Ravelry.

It was full of YO, K2tog, sk2p and ssk st. If you can do those, you can do lace. Just remember, put in a life line and change it every few rows. If you make an error, you can pull back to the life line.

Happy knitting! cloud9

Thanks Bambi. No, the lace doesn’t seem to be as difficult as I thought. I am about 2/3 of the way done with the cat’s paw scarf in Patons Lace and started another in Bretton DK in feather and fan. That is definitely an easy pattern. Just have to pay attention to what row you’re on.

That is a beautiful shawl pattern. Surprised it let me see it since I am not on ravelry.

I AM glad you could see it and thanks. :aww:

I don’t seen the picture for the Shawl you montioned. You can buy it online, i have seen one fashion Shawl on Bonanzle, so i recommend it to you
Hope you like it too :muah:

that Leopard is a fabric scarf for sale. This here is about knitting one, not having one :teehee: