She's making a comeback!

WELL – after SEVEN months of not being able to even look at wool (or any yarn for that matter) and missing my hobby – I THINK things have eased now. This baby just did NOT like wool at all… it made me sick just to touch it. There are still certain ones I can’t touch (like my lovely opal sock yarn… sigh) but for the most part I’ve been able to go back to it.

So I finally picked up some yarn I’ve been dying to use (was planning on making a cute baby outfit out of it) and have started doing the baby hat. :slight_smile: Yay!!

I’m finally starting to enjoy my hobby again (and not feeling sick every time I think about touching wool). So I thought I’d stop in and say hi (and ask a question on the how to forum about the darn pattern).

Sooo… HI!!! Nice to see the regular people still posting and lots of new faces as well. :slight_smile:

Hi there! Glad you are feeling better and able to pick up your hobby again! Welcome back!

HI there! I’m due April 17th! But I’m currently on bedrest for preterm labor so if I had not been able to knit the past month, I’d be nutso! Glad you’re back at it!

I am/was like you - I had no desire to pick up any yarn. The thought of yarn in my hands made the m/s much worse. I had m/s morning -noon - night too! I’m just starting to get back into knitting… I’m due July 10.

I am due April 23, but have gone early with my other two. I am just finding it hard to have the energy to pick up my knitting. I have a baby blanket and an I cord for a bag to finish.

Ohh lots of preggy ladies on here!!! :slight_smile: Good to see. I sympathize with the all day sickness… it was awful.

Some of us are due quite close to each other as well… Actually my very close friend is due two days before me. I have also gone early (at 38 weeks) with my other two kids, so I hope to go early with this one as well. Fingers crossed! And congrats to all of you!

Congratulations to all you ladies! :happydance: Good luck to you all and safe labour & delivery.

My DS was born six months ago. He’s second tooth is erupting. Fun oh fun.