Sherrill M's yarn

My Mom, Sherrill M, was a prolific knitter and belonged to a guild in California near Laguna Hills. She passed away in April 2016 and our family designated me (as the oldest) to try and find people who are interested in buying some of her eclectic collection of yarns, ribbons and needles. I am the only one who even comes close to knitting and can’t use most of these wonderful bundles of imagination! If you knew her, or are interested in seeing what I have, please contact me or check my sales on eBay under 406Terri and on Amazon.

Sorry to hear about your mom. I live in Laguna Hills, but am not involved in guilds.

I was unable to find anything by searching 406Terri on either eBay or Amazon. Perhaps if you could link your sites or give more detailed instructions on how to find your items it will help interested members find them.

Hi. I’m ever so sorry to hear about your mum. I can’t imagine trying to sort through all the wonderful bits and pieces my mum owns.

I can’t find your account either, but a word of advice on selling knitting stuff - try to be as specific as you can about the essentials of what you’re selling. For needles, you need to say the mm size, the material, the length and if possible the brand. For yarn, the most important thing is of course the ‘weight’, aka the type - if it’s chunky, aran or DK for example. If the label is missing, then you can find out very easily by using WPI. The link is . Also, say what colours there are and in what quantity. When I bid on ebay, I feel much safer with a high bid if I know, for example, that there are 3 skeins of blue chunky and 2 skeins of yellow DK weight, rather than 5 skeins in ‘assorted colours and assorted weights’.

Thank you both for your insight and suggestions. I will have to check on
ebay to see how buyers looking for a specific seller can do so.