Sherri Pullover

I have just started knitting this pullover and up to Round 4 Join front and back. This is what it says:
Round 4 (RS - inc): M1 using the backward loo method, knit to last st before marker, *kif&b, sm, k1f&b, knit to last st before marker; rep from * to last st before last marker, k1f&b, sm, k1f&b, k to end, m1 using the backward loop method. Cast on an additional 18 front sts using the backward loop method, knit to last st before last st before unique marker, k1f&b. Join the round and continue. The unique marker is now the beginning of round marker. (10 sts increased PLUS front sts added) you will now have 24 sts on each sleeve and 48 sts on each of the front and back.

I am confused as to what to do from Join the round and continue.

Can anyone help please? Thanks Joanna

Maybe this one?

The pattern probably tells you early on when the markers are placed or perhaps at the very beginning to place a unique marker. Maybe it’s the first marker in round 4?
If you’ve gotten as far as join in the round then you should be fine to continue working around with increases before and after the raglan markers.
Can you quote just round 5 please? We can’t reprint the pattern here due to copyright problems but 2 rounds should be ok.