Sherman Heel Help ! - Rebecca?

Hi ~

I am working on the Sherman heel for my 4th of July socks done out of Fortissimma 1776 yarn. Is it just me or does the side where you do the K enc. and turn to purl have a looser looking stitch that the other side? Does anyone have any hints on how I could make both sides look more uniform? Thanks for your input. I’m loving this heel. I took a class in Japanese short rows and that purling 3tog through the back needles was enough for me to say forget it on that technique. The Sherman heel is so much easier to work.

Thanks in advance.


The 1st time I knit a sherman heel these sts were loose, too…if memory serves (and mine is really bad…sorry) I kept my needles very, very close together and pulled the yarn snugly when doing these decreases. You will probably find some more tips over @ the forum @ Sorry that I couldn’t be of more help… practice was the answer for me.