Sheri's Lace Socks FO

Well, I gave my daughter her Easter basket yesterday & she loved the socks & washcloths (as well as the candy :wink: ) that was in it, as did my sister :smiley: My sister’s bday is the 30th of the month & she made it very clear that she wanted some socks, and a BUNCH of washcloths! So, I came home from church & cast on Sheri’s Laces socks from I also saw the pattern for Spearfish Socks that I might get for my sister, but for Christmas if I should order them! I think that she will love both pair thus far, Sheri’s Lace and the Cascading Leaves, each are quite feminine. So, I’m off to the doctor and back home to get busy knitting for another bday :wink:

You have a beautiful daughter.Love that red hair. I bet she will enjoy her socks… :rollseyes: Amy

Your daughter is gorgeous! What beautiful red hair!

:smiley: Why, thank u, Amy & Amber…I must agree, she is beautiful (perhaps I’m a bit prefudiced :wink: ) :smiley: LOL, someone years back had red hair, she didn’t get it from her dad or me…we figure God just wanted her to have red hair :wink: She loved her socks, too…which just makes me want to knit more & more for gifts :smiley:

Such sweet pictures and such a sweet daughter to appreciate a beautiful handmade gift so much.
And that Spearfish sock pattern is a work of art. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with that.

:smiley: Thanks so much, she really does appreciate each knitted item she gets, which makes one want to knit more :smiley:

Your dd is positively breathtaking. :smiley: My dd is coming home for a visit from Germany this summer, and I can hardly wait to actually get to take pictures of her in the things I knit for her.

Thanks so much, Renna…gosh, I know u must MISS her desperately, being so far from home :shock:

I do. :frowning: Thank God for low cost international phone rates! It hasn’t been all that many years ago that rates for those calls would make calling cost prohibitive.

My word, I’m at a loss with my stepkids being in KS, we are blessed that we still have 1 child in the same town…I don’t know if I could handle all of them being away :frowning: . I just can’t imagine having a child so far away…even if he/she is grown up…he/she is still your baby :smiley:

Yep, she’s my 22yo baby. When she left the nest, she really left the nest! She’s excited about her upcoming visit home, though. She plans on staying three weeks. She’s earned two weeks paid vacation on her job, and is taking one week without pay. Her roomies will tend to her “babies” (her snakes). I’m sure glad she can’t bring them with her! :shock: :mrgreen:

:smiley: I know u r going to be so happy to see her, Renna…I also understand that u r happy she left her snakes :shock: :roflhard: :rofling:

I’ve finally finished sock one of the Sheri’s Lace pattern for my sister’s birthday. I think that they will be a lovely pair…when I’m done :rollseyes: . I believe that the dark color and the lace pattern have slowed me down a bit…that & the fact that I’ve not been knitting as much…LOL!
I’m using size 1 addi’s and KnitPicks’ Essential in navy :smiley:

Beautiful! :thumbsup:

:smiley: Thanks :smiley:

very nice! :heart:

Beautiful things and gorgeous daughter!

Interesting note about the genetics of red hair (and forgive me if you know this already): red hair is caused by two genes, rather than one, like for other hair colors. The first gene (the one that usually causes hair color) must be blonde or light brown). The second, red head-unique gene must have a mutation, and that mutation must be inherited from both parents. If the first hair gene was dark brown or black, you would not be able to “see” the red hair caused by the second gene.

So you and your DH are both carriers of the gene – the fact that no one in your family has red hair means that either they didn’t inherit the light hair gene or they didn’t inherit the mutated red hair gene from both parents.

BTW, redheads are statistically more likely to be left handed, to be more susceptible to bleeding problems, and to need more anesthesia and pain medication than other people. They are also more prone to allergies an eczema. Ah, the price you pay to have beautiful hair! :wink: (I have a red headed daughter too.)

:smiley: Thanks, all. Irishbaby…I didn’t know about the fact that redheads were more likely to be left-handed, which Shannon is :D, actually, 2 or 3 of my children are left-handed, which u don’t see all of the time :smiley:

Rebecca, I have to say I love your invisible foot model! It makes me giggle every time! :heart:

LOL, I’m certainly not showing off my white legs :roflhard: :rofling:

awesome pics and good info on red heads…my fil is a redhead and my sil is a reddish blond head…I keep wondering if there is any possibility that dh and I could have a red-headed baby…I have reddish brown hair and mom’s hair was fairly dark red as a child but am not sure if there is a real redhead in my family…
Your daughter is beautiful…I know several redheads but never a left handed one. BTW–those socks your dd had…were they KP simple stripes in snapdragon? (gosh I’m becoming such a yarn nerd…)