Sheri's Lace and Cascading Leaves Socks

:smiley: I have finished the pair of Sheri’s Lace socks for my sister’s birthday & began the Cascading Leaves, also for her birthday…but they will be late :rollseyes: I did several gauge swatches Sun. evening & decided upon the size 1 addi’s & I cast on & knit a few inches yesterday…this lovely pattern is going to take a while,well, let’s just say they won’t be done in a couple of days :wink: Ahh, almost forgot…I’m using KnitPicks’ Essential sock yarn (but I’ve already ordered Lang Jawoll in heather blue for another pair :wink: )

those socks are going to be beautiful! lucky sister!!

Rebecca, have you finally converted to socks on circs??? :wink:

Looking great, and I love the color. :thumbsup:

I like them, especially the colour! :inlove:

Very pretty! I just wish the lace socks I was/am working on would work out!

Verrrrry pretty! It doesn’t look easy.

I just love lacy socks! Much prettier than any spearfish I have ever seen!

:smiley: Thanks everyone! KQ, yep, I’m loving :inlove: doing socks on circs…I actually began these on dpns, but quickly changed my mind :wink:

Those are going to be lovely!! The pattern is gorgeous and you chose a great color!

:smiley: Thanks so much, the color is actually darker than in the photo (I’m not the best digital photographer, much better with 35mm :wink: )…These are taking quite a while, I thought that I may actually have them done for my sister’s bday…but she will get one pair (Sheri’s Lace) and one sock & have to wait for sock #2 :roflhard: :rofling: …I have a great sister…she’ll be cool with waiting :wink:

I :heart: them!

:smiley: Thanks!
Boy, these socks are taking forever to knit…I’m still on the 1st one!! Well, my not feeling well & going to my doc twice this week has a bit to do with it :rollseyes: AND, I’m running out of yarn…so, I had to order another ball…I’m going to be a few yards short, but I think the sock is going to look better with the long leg that I’ve knit (8"). I’ve also decided to keep them bc I won’t be finished in time for my sister’s bday & I will be much happier knitting her a quick scarf to go with her other socks. Or, I may yet give them to her…who knows?! They are quite lovely if I do say so myself :wink: I’m off to see if I can finish up this sock before I cast on for her lacey scarf :smiley:

Wow they look gorgeous Rebecca! Hrm goes in search of a socks on circulars tutorial

Beautiful pattern & color! These are going to be great!! :thumbsup:

:smiley: Thanks, you guys…u sure know how to make a girl feel nice :wink:

LOL, well, the quick scarf that I knit for my sister last night was hideous…so I threw it away :roflhard: :rofling: I just don’t like to work with lace wt yarn :rollseyes: Soooo, I decided that tomorrow I will give her the Sheri’s Lace socks and 1 of the Spearfish socks for her birthday :lol: She will know that the other Spearfish sock is own its way, I will knit it in hope that the ball of yarn that I ordered gets her quickly :wink:
Here we have a pic of a sock…LOL!

:shock: OMGoodness, I must admit I didn’t think I’d make it, but I finished a lovely pair of Cascading Leaves (pdf file) socks for my sister. They were a quick knit after I felt better

I can so totally relate Becka. I got so discouraged and frustrated with my lace socks from my Patons booklet, that I got mad and frogged it. I am reusing that yarn for a pair of Cascading Leaves too, and I’m just fixing a mistake in one needle… in the 4th repeat of the lace. I’m hoping to turn the heel at some point this weekend {which is actually my work week}.

Too bad about the sock, Becka–it’s so gorgeous! Knitting should be fun though, and the Cascading Leaves socks look equally lovely!

:smiley: Thanks, girls…I knew u would understand :wink: I have the original sock in my sock drawer…one day, perhaps, I will decide to knit the mate…that would be one day when it hasn’t AGGRAVATED me so much :roflhard: :rofling: It’s a shame not to finish them :wink: So, perhaps for Christmas :thumbsup: [size=2]or maybe not[/size]

Ahhhh, I love getting yarn, so I ordered a cone of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece for Christmas things[SIZE=1]…or stuff for me[/SIZE] I :heart: LOVE :inlove: ebay & Oregon Trail Yarn & Books has EXCELLENT items & ships right away, I usually get my stuff in 3 days :thumbsup: This yarn was even faster! I think I will knit something for my sister to match the socks!