Shepherdess bride marries in dress made from sheeps wool

I saw this in the paper today. I like the bodice, not so sure about the skirt.

Oh I love it! and the important point about the value and beauty of our home produced wool and yarns. Now I have to go and read about the woman found dead under a pile of clothes!???

That is amazing! The overall effect of the skirt looks good with the top for this particular dress I think.

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It certainly isn’t for everyone, but I think it is beautiful. It is so unique and special. I think it is wonderful when the couple customizes their wedding to match their tastes and personalities.

I love her dress- his suit however :ick: :ick:

oh i absolutely love it!!!

Wow I love that!..A Lot!

I love the dress! Especially the gown with the flowing longwool locks!

Perfect dress for her! Pretty, in a very unique way

I think it’s creepy. Looks like one of those half human half animal things.

I’m sure it was meaningful for her and that is all that matters.

I love the dress!! Imagine how hot it was to wear though ;(

I think it’s beautiful and clever.

I think the whole idea is really special and it’s great to see a person so proud of her work, which includes preserving a rare breed of animals. I think the dress was very special and definitely suited to the spirit of the event. I also think that the groom’s waistcoat was beautiful :slight_smile:

what!?! a woman found dead under a pile of clothes?

oh, and the bride’s dress is really neat. :slight_smile: very cool way to show her love for her flock.

This is a beautiful wedding dress, and so appropriate!

I was thinking about how hot it would be too! I’m not too crazy about the dress, but I think it’s an awesome idea.

How about a purse made in a similar manner?.. that would be pretty!

I think she looks stunning! What creativity and imagination she had to want a dress like that. Looks beautiful on her.:muah:
We eat lamb frequently and it IS very tasty.:knitting: :knitting:

I think theme-weddings are tacky, but I must say, they pulled it off. Quite classy. But the skirt is a little “hairy” for my tastes.