Shell Top

I got this pattern from the Valley Yarns catalog. The yarn I used was a cotton/bamboo blend, it worked up nicely. I’m trying to work on the matching shrug but it’s on DPN’s and I’ve never used them before. It might be a WIP for a loooong time…

That’s very lovely!

Beautiful! Looks like it fits you perfectly.

Wow, that fits perfectly! Gorgeous!

It fits so nicely!! Great job! :cheering:

Wow! THat looks great! I like the color alot too!

Very nice! The fit is great!

Great fit and color! DP aren’t as scary as you think…just knit round and round! I would love to see the shruggie.

Beautiful !!!

Absolutely stunning! You did a wonderful job.

Wow! You really got a great fit on that and it is a beautiful color on you. I might have to attempt one of those.

It’s just gorgeous!

I love it! :heart: [I][SIZE=1](…and she runs off to add it to her list of future projects…)[/SIZE][/I]

Very pretty. :yay:

That looks great.

Wow, that’s really beautiful and fits you so well!!

That is so very pretty - and what a great fit! The color looks very nice on you:thumbsup:

Oh my goodness - it’s stunning! The color goes so nicely with your skin tone, and the fit is exquisite. I have to admit, it’s sex-ay :wink:

Great job! :thumbsup:

Beautiful design, lovely knitting, great fit and color! Wow!!

(from another) Cecile

Ditto to everyone else - very nice work, great color and awesome fit! :cheering: