Shelbyville, TN

[color=indigo]I’ll be heading off to Shelbyville for the birth of my sixth grandchild next week. Are there any fiber places I should check out while there? Although I know I’d rather be holding the new babe, I’m sure momma would rather we all left her alone once and awhile! :teehee: [/color]

I just happen to live in Shelbyville, not much around here. We do have a local yarn shop, however, there are more yarn shops in Nashville and Franklin. Might want to check them out too. Local yarn shop is quite small, but quaint. Not much to do in this town period. Make sure you bring some knitting to occupy yourself. Sherry

[b][color=indigo]Yeah, I’ve heard that Shelbyville doesn’t have much to offer on any front. Just thought there might be some sheep or llamas around… :teehee:

I’m actually looking forward to a place where there is little to do but sit and knit. But I guess I’ll pack a few more projects than I’d orginally decided upon.

Thanks for the info.[/color][/b]