Sheepskin look vest pattern query


I’m following this vest pattern and am on the part where I’m knitting into the edges of the collar area to create a fluffy edge, using circular needles. But I’m stuck!

I’ve just slipped some stitches for the left edge and have purled a row for the collar, then left another load of stitches on the needle for the right edge, and knitted another row for the collar. The instructions then say to ‘turn and leave 2 more stitches’, before purling the next row.

I’m not sure what this means, how do I leave the stitches? Do I slip them from the left needle to the right?



I’m taking a guess here, but do you “leave stitches” on rows after, as well, to make a shawl-type collar, then maybe on the last row or two you knit or purl everything? If so, yes, you’d just slip the stitches. I’d be more apt to knit to two stitches before the end of the row, leave them there and turn, to shorten the loose yarn, but that’s just me.

Hi Becky,

Yes that’s right, the instructions are to carry on doing the same thing for the next 8 rows. Ok I’ll try that! Thanks very much! :woohoo: