Sheep Shop yarn

I came across this yarn in my search for a bulky yarn to use for a sweater. Has anyone ever used any Sheep Shop yarn? I love the colors but wondered about the fiber.

There is a store that carries it that isn’t terribly far from me so if no one can tell you anything I can go over and touch it for you on Friday and let you know what it feels like.

That is pretty funny when you think about it, we are offering to go feel yarn for one another!!!

I’m in no rush, so if you happen to be there you could “cop a feel” for me:thumbsup:

here’s an article/review

Have you noticed? We’re all SICK!!!

Yea, well… that is what happens with addiction!

ooh what a pretty website! thanks!

I’m trying to decide between Lorna’s Laces Bulky or Sheep Shop 2… I just bought some LLB on ebay and will try to pick up a skein of SS2 to compare.