Sheep and Wool Fest

I’ve already got my shopping list ready for the MD Sheep and Wool Fest.

I’m going to get needle felting supplies!!! I’ve got good bits of yarn, and I want to embelish the FT clogs that I’ll knit someday…and thought it’d be a good place to go to get that!!!

Also…I want to get some good chunky cotton yarn that I’ll be able to dye with my dh’s walnut husks that he’ll get this fall. And then make a BIG LONG sweater!!!

Any suggestions on the dying with the naturalness of it all? I’ve never dyed anything before, but I’d LOVE to try it.

And I’ll be seeing you there!!! I plan on getting plenty of sock yarn!!!

What day do you plan on going? My ds is getting confirmed the week before, but the party is on Sunday of Sheep and Wool. :slight_smile: So, it is Saturday for us!!!

My knitting group is going to attend on Saturday. I recently took up knitting again after being an avid quilter for more than 10 years. This wil be my first time attending the festival.

We’re from Northern Va.

me, my mom and my girl are DEFINITELY going. haven’t picked which day yet- we just love it! (I loved it even before I started knitting- so much neat stuff around!) Kayleigh loves the animals she can see. and we usually watch the sheepdog exhibition at least twice! YAY

How can we identify ourselves as KH’ers???

Hehe I can make KH buttons and mail them out!!! LOL

I plan on being there both days.
And getting a hotel room in between. Not because its so far away…because I need a vacation!!!

I’ll be there!!! I have to check with a friend to decide which day works best for us, but we will be there :slight_smile:

I wanted to go, but it looks like I forgot to plan for it again this year. :oops:

Theres more than a month left!!! PLAN NOW!!! I woul love to see a large contingent of KH’ers there. :cheering:

It sounds interesting, but I don’t know anyone and I’m scared i’ll be all by myself :pout:

I want to go to this sooo bad! We went to the Fall Fiber Festival at Montpelier and had a great time (even though it was horribly rainy and cold, therefore muddy and gross :teehee: ) I think that dh is afraid to go to another one with me. What weekend is it exactly?

Cinnybuns! I’m sure someone will say hello and let you trail alongside for awhile… have a cup of hot chocolate together or something! If I go, I will. I hadn’t thought about going to this because I ususally go to Rhinebeck in October, but you know, maybe I should do a LITTLE reeeee thinking! :?? :teehee:

always the first full weekend in May!!! :slight_smile:

buttons, someone said BUTTONS??? :slight_smile:

Oh Butttttttonsssssssssss!
okay lady, buh bye!

:doh: I hope someone gets that other than me…

Anyway… LOL buttons… KH Buttons. buttony goodness.

so I think the vote is YES?

I think a poll is in order. goes off to make poll

Chel- I’m crying here!!! Buttons… ok lady- bye bye… my favorite TV show… ANIMANIACS! I can’t believe someone else knew that!!!

Cinnybuns- you will know all of us. It is a great friendly festival with tons of vendors of yarns, needles, stuff, arts, crafts… tons of carnival food… it is great.

Chel I can help with the… Buttons!

“Okay Lady, bye-bye!”
“Honey, call me Mommy…”
“Okay Lady, I love you. Bye-bye!”

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I LOVED Mindy and Buttons. My FAVORITE part of the show!!!

I would love to meet a few people, I wish I knew afew people who knew how to knit with me on the bus. :verysad: