She once was Rose, now...she's Soleil

:smiley: I had every intention of making Rose (Soleil with sleeves, can be found @ for my sister…but, I did something wrong with the sleeves and they were a bit too large. I looked back over the pattern I saw my mistake, but, I just didn’t want to knit another set of sleeves :oops: (yeah, hanging my head). So, I turned her into Soleil. Soleil is my first adult garment. I’ve been too busy with socks to knit grown up clothing :wink: It was fun, I was a bit askeeered about the crocheted edge, but it was easy and fun after I practiced :smiley: All details are on my baby blog.
Now…I’m off to begin knitting the “summer ensemble” for my granddaughter for the World Knitting Cup…fyi, sign ups end Monday if anyone is interested in joining :wink:

Beautiful color and pattern! I might have to put that on my project wishlist!! :inlove:

That is gorgeous! I’ve been looking for tank pattern and I think I want to do that one! :inlove: :inlove:

Stunning job Rebecca!!!

:inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

Very Pretty, you did a great job!

That is gorgeous! I just casted on for that today. I love that pattern. I am using the recommended yarn in tapestry blue. Once again, great job :wink:


:heart: hehe, oh my! first, it looks beautiful, so mistake or not… great job! secondly, we have all done it and sleeves are a stinker to begin with so taking on the challenge of making them again would make anyone cringe!

hail warm weather!

It looks great! I’m about 10 inches into my Soleil in Rosetta and am now wishing I’d ordered that blue. :slight_smile: This gives me an excuse to try my hand at Rose when I’m done.

:cheering: Great work! :cheering:

:inlove: :heart: :inlove:
Sooooo preeeety!

So so Soleil pretty! :inlove: Have I mentioned I LOVE blue? :inlove: What yarn did you use for it?

:smiley: Thanks, everyone!! It was fun to do & now that I’ve finally begun knitting grown-up garments…I am going to have to continue…it was fun!
gardenmommy, I used the same yarn that was used in the pattern, my sister picked the color Elann’s Sonata #2608. Although, when I do the next one (hopefully with the sleeves :rollseyes: ) I want to use Brown Sheep’s Cotton Fleece (I love this yarn, a very nice cotton blend). I’m off to cast on for the World Knitting Cup…

Oh, that’s beautiful! I love that color!

It’s so pretty! You’ll have to make your sister model it :slight_smile:

Very pretty.

:smiley: Thanks, you guys! I will give it to her tomorrow @ church! I’m now working on the Kidlet Tank for my granddaughter…I am going to add an xoxox band around the upper portion of it, though!

Beautiful work! :thumbsup:

Sooooo pretty and I also love the blue! I made that pattern also and liked doing it because I had to pay attention for the bottom, then got a break with the easy stockinette. I especially like that it is a circular pattern, so no seaming other than the shoulders!!


:smiley: Thanks!
No kidding…gotta love circular knitting :heart: :inlove: :heart: