She is gone now

I have had Hobbes since she was a little wild hissy face kitten and now I need to let her go. She is 21 years old and in the last month, she has really shown her age. She never plays anymore, just sleeps about 85% of the time. She is just not the same cat I remember from a month ago:cry:. There are more reasons that these, but I did not think you all would want some of the visuals. I told my daughters tonight and they both got sad, I told them it is ok to be sad but they get to grow up with our new kitten like I grew up with Hobbes.

               R.I.P Hobbes 9.7.07

She used to sleep on my stomach or even my hip if I was laying on my side. Then she would want to lie next to me with her tail end near my face, nope I did not leave her like that! It is so weird to think that she won’t be here anymore, she was my cat, she would follow me from room to room when I would clean the house.

I am going to miss her so much…:waah:

:hug: I had to put my cat Grover down two years ago. Know that you are doing what is right for your kitty, as they won’t have anymore pain or suffering…only eternal cat nip and butterflies to chase. :heart:

I had to have a very very very loved black lab put down once because he was so ill and in pain. It’s a difficult thing to do but much kinder than seeing them in pain and struggling. It’s hard to find the words to express how much I feel for you but I admire your courage in doing what you know to be right. :grphug:

What a beautiful cat! I am so sorry for your sadness. Pets are so tremendously wonderful. I know you will miss your dear little friend.

My heart goes out to you…


Please know that I will pray for you in the morning when I get up (although I couldn’t stop myself from praying right away). I’ll be thinking of you…

Debbie I am so sorry to read about you having to put your cat down. I am new to being owned by cats but I have been owned by a lot of dogs. It hurts when we have to lose a beloved family member.

Sending warm thoughts your way.

i am sorry to hear this - it sounds like you gave your kitty just about the best home possible for the past 21 years. the worst part of having pets, i think, is losing them - but the years of joy they give you is certainly worth the pain of losing them. i am a vet tech, i deal with this every day, and i feel for every owner and every pet who goes through this.

a little suggestion to you - if you can, arrange to have someone take you home - driving can be dangerous when you’re upset.

Oh Debbie, I’m so sorry! I know from experience how hard this is. Not much to say, but give you a hug!


I’m sorry, figaro, :hug::hug::hug:.

I’m so sorry! This is the part of pet ownership they don’t tell you when you take home your new little one! I can’t imagine having to do it to mine, but the day will come…

My thoughts will be with you!:cry:

I know how hard it is to put a animal down,but you are showing the the animal how much you truly love it by not letting it suffer.Will be thinking of you tomorrow.:muah::hug::cry:

Figaro, I know exactly how you feel. This is one of the hardest decisions. I had to do it, too, for my beloved Gato on May 10, 2000. I still miss him. The one thing that helped me make it through was I still had Miki (still do!) to take care of. So I’m really glad you have a new kitty to love and focus on. Never doubt that it is a decision born out of love.

Take care and I’ll be thinking of you and Hobbes today.

I am so very sorry. What wonderful memories you must have after so many years, what a great life. Hang on to those memories to comfort you.

I’m so sorry :sad: It’s always hard to lose such a beloved family member. I’ll be thinking of you :hug:

I agree.


I’m so sorry Debbie. 21 years… wow, she’s lived a long, and certainly happy life! My sympathy through this difficult time. :hug:

I’m so sorry figaro.


What a beautuful cat she is. So sorry for you. I’ve been there more than once and it’s never any easier. Take care.:hug:

I am so sorry. hugs for you all. it is the hardest decision to make, but often the most humane. Blessings and hugs, MKZ

I’m so sorry. I’ve been in your shoes, it’s not easy. I’ll be thinking of you and so will my hubby. He just walked past and said what a pretty cat and I told him the story. He said to tell ya’ he’s sorry and thinking of you too. :hug:

I am so sorry for your loss. I hope you and the girls are able to find some comfort in your newer kitty, and happiness in your memories.