I want to knit my first shawl with a pretty lace pattern, but wondered if I want a triangular or rectangle shaped shawl. Which shape is your favorite either to knit or just think looks best?

I think you should pick the shawl with the lace pattern that most appeals to you, regardless of shape. If you love the look of the material, you’re going to care far less if it’s a triangle or rectangle. But personally, I think triangular shawls lend themselves better to intricate lace. Then again, I find recangular shawls drape around the body in a more elegant way. So if it were me, my decision would be between beautiful pattern and elegant garment. Does that even help at all? :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree completely!


It really is presonal preferance, my MIL prefers triangles, but I prefer rectangles. I don’t ever wear mine around the house - all of mine are for going out to dinner when it’s chilly or covering my shoulders while wearing a fancy dress. My MIL wears her while working on the computer or reading and prefers to have the point covering her back to keep the draft off.

I was wasn’t any help at all was I…

Whenever I wear a triangle shawl, it doesn’t cover me enough, it slips off my shoulders and covers my back… I prefer the rectangle because I can wear it as a scarf, then pull it over my shoulders (and wrap around my body) when I get cold…the older I get the colder I get!!!

This isn’t helpful either, but have you seen the PI shawls that some people have made? Those are round and very cool looking. :slight_smile: I have seen some very pretty ones, but I’m intimidated by the shape.

Personally, I think I’d like to make a SQUARE shawl, if I don’t try one of the PI ones. (I haven’t looked at patterns or anything – I’m still practicing stitches – so maybe a lacy square design is difficult to do, but I prefer square scarves over long ones and I figure the same applies to shawls.)

I think you have [I]ALL[/I] been helpful. My MIL made me a triangle shawl many years ago and although I like it to throw over when I get a chill, I wonder if I might like a rectangular shawl more. I agree that I think it looks more elegant for going out than the triangle shawl. I really just wanted different opinions on what other people liked and that’s what I’m getting. Thanks Ladies!
I have seen shawls made in circles but not squares. Would they drape over your shoulders as well? I guess someone will have to make one and tell how they like it. Who is going to volunteer? I think I’ll make a rectangular shawl to start. It will be easier and I won’t have to worry about remembering to add stitches. This is the one I’m looking at. Simple to make and looks nice too.


I think with a square shawl, I’d fold over one corner like a collar and it would be more of a triangular shape.

The shawl I am knitting right now is a rectangle. It is called the Cameo Shell Stitch Shawl and the pattern can be found at

It is not a difficult pattern to do, runs up quickly and looks nice too. I am using Caron Simply Soft and the shawl drapes well and is very soft and squishy.

Best of luck with your choice.

That sorta looks like a triangle… :??

Yes, that’s what I was thinking, or it could be kind of bunched instead of folded if it was “flowy” enough; either way I would wear it with opposite corners over my arms/shoulders.

That cameo shell stitch shawl that was linked is very pretty also! So tempting! :blush:

The cameo shell shawl in the picture looks like a triangle to me too, Suzee, but I guess you can use the same pattern and just not increase and make it a rectangle. I think a nice homemade shawl would make a nice gift for someone for Christmas. Maybe if I start now, I can make someone a nice gift. If I weren’t so impatient and had too many other projects going at the same time, that would help too.

Here is the link to the Cameo shawl you were talking about in case anyone else would like the pattern. It’s really beautiful. Someday, I may have to try this one.