Does anyone have a pattern for a shawl on size US 17 or 19 needles?

I have some beautiful white mohair and I want to finish it fast…


Have you looked through the patterns at ?

You could also do a pattern where you start with just 3 stitches on the needle, increasing at the beginning of every row. You could do a k1, yo at the beginning of each row and you’d have a nice eyelet edge. Just keep doing this and you’ll get a triangle. You can stop when it’s wide enough at the top or you run out of yarn. Whether you work stockinette or garter is up to you.

Yes, Ingrid has hit it right on the head! I am working right now on a Lion Homespun triangle shawl and the pattern is exactly that…k1, yo, knit to end. This increases by 1 stitch each row. Then just keep going until it is wide enough to wrap around you, and voila! :happydance:

I am using size 15 needles so I think 17 or 19 would be fine with a nice yarn.

Did you decide yet! Yes, I did that twice now, the easy pattern Ingrid said. You might need to be careful your needles aren’t too big with mohair though, unless you’re doubling it it seems to me Size 15 or 17, you might have an awfully oh what’s the word?
Delicate, not strong… Did you swatch?

That pattern is good coz you can stop when you feel it’s big enough. Also check out Drops Design. They have some beautiful wow shawls. Here it is:

This shawl is kinda boring because it’s just garter stitch, but it goes really fast on size 19’s.

It’s kinda similar to what Ingrid already suggested, but for this one you do the increases faster. I guess that makes it wider?

I made one of these for my sister-in-law and it turned out well, I think.

I did one with ladder yarn where I co 3 sts and then on every row just k1, k in front and back and I used 15’s. Because it was ladder yarn, you wouldn’t have really been able to see an eyelet edge (I don’t think). Have fun!

Thanks to all of you…I’ll decide which one I want to do when I get my yarn. I have the mohair, but I ordered some (I think) velvet touch by Wendy…(again, I think)… :muah:


Hey thanks for asking that question…! I have been wondering the very same thing about making a shawl…My mom wants one to wrap over her shoulders and I have size 19, 17, 15 needles. thanks for the easy pattern Ingrid and you other lovely knitters…
I think I will try it next!
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Has anyone made the Allure shawl from Patons? If you have, please direct me to a pix of, or send me one to

Thanks a bunch!

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