Shawl with a ruffle on both ends

I posted this on the pattern forum but thought it might get more looks over here. Yes I am a little impatient :aww: I wanted to start it tonight.

I would love to make a simple shawl Garter stitch. and put a ruffle on both ends. Can I start with the ruffle and decrease(what kind of decrease) and then at the other end increase (what kind of increase). Or would it be better to knit the body and pick up the stitches to add the ruffle?

If you pick up and knit, both ends will be the same … otherwise, you will have to decrease on one end and increase on the other end. OR … knit both ends and put it together in the middle.

I knit a red Aran Afghan last winter…and my yarn (Rowan POLAR) is awful for fringe (it gets wispy)…so I added a “Petite Bell Ruffle” at each end this way:

I had to figure out how many stitches to cast on for the ruffle…so that I ended up with the right amount of stitches for the actual afghan by the time the Petite Bell Ruffle was decreased down.

For the other end…I left the stitches for the afghan “live”…aka didn’t bind off yet…

…then cast on for another Petitie Bell Ruffle SEPARATELY and independent from the afghan…and when the ruffle was decreased down to the same number of stitches as existed on the afghan…I did a 3-needle bind off to join them!

Voila! It worked beautifully. CLICK HERE to view my afghan thread for details about the patterns and such.

The ruffle math part is tedious, but do-able.

This photo shows the 3-needle bind-off end.

This photo shows the cast-on end.