Shawl with a ruffle on both ends

I would love to make a simple shawl Garter stitch. and put a ruffle on both ends. Can I start with the ruffle and decrease(what kind of decrease) and then at the other end increase (what kind of increase). Or would it be better to knit the body and pick up the stitches to add the ruffle?

:think: I think it would work better to knit the garter st shawl…and then go back, pick up along the edge, and do a ruffle edging…

You could do either, it may be easier to knit the shawl and finish off with the ruffle, them pick up on the CO edge (or do a provisional cast on) and do a matching ruffle. Unless you want a lacy ruffle, you can increase either with kfb or m1. You have the starting row, then do an increase row, increasing in every st. Knit 1 row, then another increase row, whought you may want to do an inc in every other st instead of each one. Repeat until it’s as long and ruffley as you want.

I just saw a pattern by Noro in one of their newer smaller books, of a garter stitch shawl that they put a ruffle on , it was really cute.
They added the ruffle after the shawl was knit to the size they wanted.
Can’t remember the name of the book, sorry.

Where did you see the book?

At my LYS, but she is closed now until Thursday, I could try and get the name of the book for you if you want.

this pattern has instructions for a ruffle on each end - it looks fine on the scarf, but not sure if it will look ok over a larger area though

I would love to know the name but no rush.

I am going to try to use the technique in this pattern but only do the ends. Will it make a difference if I use garter stitch instead of st st? Can’t I do it on circs and just knit around and around in knit stitch and not purl? I am a new knitter (6 mo) I can purl but it is so much slower for me. Any help with adjustments would be great.

Now just to figure out how to rescale it for this yarn.

Going to a swatch and see how it goes.

Yes you can make it in garter stitch. It may use a little more yarn that way, and you should also use a larger needle, a 10, as the Bernat is a thicker yarn.

Trisha, I am almost 100% sure the Noro shawl pattern was for garter stitch, so you just knitt each row on the circulars.
I almost bought the book but then changed my mind, I will check it out on Thursday for you and let you know.
Good luck until then.

I have a Noro book with a garter stitch shawl with a ruffled edge. The book is called [I]Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton - Book Number 2. [/I]The shawl is called the “Sursa” and is on page 36. I bought it at LYS but I saw it online somewhere also. Let me see if I can find it.

I found it. You can go here and see a picture:
I think it’s really cute. In fact, that’s why I bought the book!

Edited because I am a dummy. This one is not garter stitch, it’s stockinette. But you could do it in garter with no trouble.

Yep, that is the one I was thinking of to, it is cute, and I agree, you could do it in garter.

Thanks everyone.

I ended up taking from a few different patterns and have started and have 20in completed 3in of which is the first ruffle. It is funny I ended up doing the body in stockinette, the purl rows are slower than the knit but it has been good for building my purl skill.

I plan to knit the other ruffle separate and then add it on the stitches that I leave live (3 needle bind off I think is what it is called) Thanks everyone for all the help.

I love the pattern book and have added it my wish list.