Shawl or something like that pattern

My friend who is 10 months from retirement, has breast cancer.
She will have her surgery very shortly. I was thinking to knit her something cozy and can only think of a shawl. Any other ideas would be very appreciated. Would appreciate any free links to pattern for this.
Any other info to help my friend with comfort when she returns home I would really appreciate also. A big thank you.

:hug: Prayers for your friend

I would look into the Cozyfrom knitty, it’s easy, fast, and pretty. Also Stolen Momentsit’s even faster using a bulky yarn. I’ve made both and the people that received them loved them.

If she will be having chemo you might want to make her a couple of hats. I have a friend who is going through chemo right now and I also made her a pair of slipper socks that she really liked. She tends to stay cold most of the time and wrapped up :thumbsup:

Many thanks for these wonderful patterns…for the first one I will do the thicker yarn…Stolen Moments I think. The slipper socks, have not made socks at all. Are they scary as in difficult.
I feel at such a lose for helping her. My goal is comfort as not much else I can do to make her feel well.

I know the feeling, I’m the same with my friend right now. I also offer to come by and clean/make meals/get groceries. Just let her know she can count on you :hug:

Thisis the slipper sock pattern I use. It’s very fast and very easy. If you don’t want to use the caron you can replace it with another worsted weight. This is also the sock I started my mom out on when she was wanting to learn socks. I make the socks with a shorter cuff (think I knitted 16 rounds before I started the heel). If you need any help just ask and also here is Silver’s sock tutorialwith pictures :thumbsup:

A Big Thank you to you.
One hears of those words, “I just don’t know what to do” Well, I really am at such a loss, with all these suggestions it will fill my basket of ideas.