Shawl for beginner

i still concider myself a beginner, i can knit purl…i have made socks…a water bottle cover…

I want to make my sister a shawl for her bday. she always says she cant find one she likes that can go with lots of things.

so i’m asking you lovely people…any ideas for patterns that are semi easy, and also some lovely special yarn to use??

thanks so much :muah:

A very easy shawl that will highlight any novelty yarn alone or in combination with another yarn is a simple garter stitch shawl done on a large needle.

Cast on 3 stitches and then knit every row, increasing one stitch at the beginning of every row. Work until scarf is as wide as you like and then bind off. You can add fringe if you like. I made a scarf like this with a black mohair yarn combined with a multi color Plymouth Eros

There are so many great carry along yarns that are just meant to add a bit of sparkle to a scarf, shawl or sweater. I’ve always wanted to use this but haven’t yet.

Here’s a link to an easy shawl:

Cosmic Pluto

Hope this helps!


When you search the internet for shawl patterns, I would bet that many if not most shawl patterns are going to be lace, and if you have not done lace before it is not necessarily easy. But a shawl doesn’t have to be lace. Also, a shawl can be triangular or circular, or it can be more like a stole.

Elizabeth Zimmerman has directions in one of her books for a shawl which she knits in garter stitch, her favorite. Garter stitch is all knit stitches. Nothing could be easier.

For yarn, most people choose a warm fine gauge yarn and knit it on much larger needles than would ordinarily be used with that yarn, in order to make a very open pattern.

It might simplify things if you first decide whether you want to make a lace shawl or not; then decide on a shape; then you can move on to choosing a pattern and yarn.

[B]Icarus Shawl by Miriam Felton[/B] is a one skein 875 yd lace shawl. I have made two. Very easy. Just use lots of markers. This looks good in solid and/or variegated yarn. I used both and I like the variegated better.


Rectangular shawls (stoles) are nothing more than oversized scarves. Some can be lacey, some can be plain, and some can have a stitch pattern. There’s lots of scarf patterns out there, you would probably have to triple the width, but they’re worth looking at too.

Try and look at the page on shawls?

My favorite is the Clapotis. It’s easy to knit and you can make it smaller.

Cozy is nice too:

Tie One On

Also many cute ones here

The first non-rectangular shawl that I made was a triangular one, using this pattern. It’s the same technique that zkimom/Susan mentioned, and it was very easy for a beginner (all I knew how to do at the time myself was knit and purl). I used Hobby Lobby’s brand yarn “Icelandic Jewels” which is a solid color mixed with a ribbon of metallic multi-colors (I [I][U]think[/U][/I] I used a size 15 [10mm] needle). I got it when it was on sale for 99¢ a skein :woohoo:instead of the $5.99 regular price, and I crocheted an edging around the completed shawl’s sides, then did a scallop edging on it instead of the fringe suggested in the pattern. I think it came out pretty and lacy, and I think it looks more complicated than it was.

If you haven’t seen them already, there are AWESOME videos on this site for demonstrating techniques and of course, AWESOME people to help you if you get stuck.

Try this It’s a fairly easy shawl pattern using a bulky weight yarn.

thanks everyone for the suggestions…

i’m going to look through all the links tonight!!

Here’s one done in worsted weight, mainly garter stitch and some yo’s. If you don’t want to do the shells, you could certainly just continue in garter stitch.

Hi There!

I also am a begginner and was looking for a shawl pattern to suit my skills as well as a gorgeous ball of Fleece Artist yarn I had picked up almost a year ago but was almost afraid to use!

There is a pattern on this summer’s Knitty called Wisp.

It seems versatile and beautiful and while I am only about 18 rows into the pattern, I can tell you that it looks harder than it is! It’s EASY! This is my first lace project and my first time working in such a beautiful yarn: Fleece Artist “Goldiehair” (56% Kid, 24% Silk, 20% Nylon - 500m/125g) in the colorway “Jester” - Which is knitting up a little heavier looking than the yarn shown in the pattern, but still is looking lovely.

To make this shawl you will have to first interpret the pattern, which for me a newbie seemed a little complicated. It may help to read it several times before you begin. I even drew a picture.

You will also need to learn to YO and k2tog. Both of which you can learn from the videos on this site.

YO - at the very bottom right of the page.

ktog - At the very top Left of the page.

I am knitting this on clover bamboo needles and am having some difficulty because they aren’t sharp enough to k2tog (you have to knit 2 stitches at once) so you may want to consider some pointy needles for this one.

Seriously. I started this shawl and wondered whay I had been afraid of lace. :happydancing: