Shawl Fiasco

I am making a shawl for my mother. I have had several problems with it but now that the shawl is done I have noticed that the shawl is ‘sagging’. The shawl is made up of 4k rows and 1 drop stitch row. The drop stitch row I used sari ribbon. After the shawl was finished I did a single crochet around the edges of the shawl. The rows that have the drop stitch, seemed to have ‘relaxed’ and now the shawl ‘sags.’

I am totally willing to take the edging out and block it before putting the edging back on. Will this take care of my problem?


Hmm… if it is the weight of the ribbon (as you suggest, you used a different ‘material’ for the drop stitch) taking the edging off may not help. If however the edging has sort of ‘grabbed’ and exaggerated the problem then removing it may help however I’m not sure ribbon is going to block that well. I don’t know sari ribbon. I’ve used satin ribbon weaving style on a wrap and backed it and it was a devil to work with. It had to be continually pressed out and pinned before the backing would do on properly without the ribbons bulging. IF the edging made the problem more exaggerated then perhaps you need to consider a fringe edging or something different. Is it possible to show an image of what you’ve done?

I’ve looked up the sari ribbon and seen it and what it’s made from. The metallic fibre content will make it a tad weighty but can I ask what the other yarn was that you used? Do you have a sewing machine? It may be possible to fix the issue by sewing a fine line through the middle of the sari…like across the shawl which will simply give it support. But seeing an image would be great. It may be that the look is actually quite attractive but you are seeing it with the original ‘vision’ in mind.