Shawl edges...rolled!

Hi, I knitted this shawl top down. I tried to bind off loosely. The bottom curled. Ive never blocked so I did and read acrylic doesnt really block. I didnt have wires, so I used my yoga mat on carpet with blocking pins. I sprayed with water and let dry. What did I do wrong? lol

You really haven’t done anything wrong. The shawl looks lovely with nice, even stitches.
Stockinette stitch has a strong tendency to curl even with the eyelet pattern.

You could try steam blocking (not pressing):

I agree that your knitting is absolutely beautiful. It’s not rolling so much as flipping. This Techknitter post might be a starting point for solving the problem. I find that an applied border worked with the live stitches (I think of it as a fancy schmancy bind off) with strategically placed short rows for corners is less likely to flip.

Thank you. It’s funny because I really have no idea what I’m doing. lol
I have alot of trouble with concentration so have to stick to easy patterns. I think this one had 4 repeats and it was a bit much for me. I think I may have done the wrong repeat row towards on the last row. I think I knitted and then bound off.
I blocked it with pins and water in spray bottle. I’m wondering if wires would work.
I have not watched all the videos you both left me yet, so I may get those answers there. Thank you again for your help. I’ll be back! :heart:

Thank you so much. Since I’m self taught I guess alot. lol I really never had much confidence in what I was making but I love doing it. I dont know alot of stitches or alot of the language. I love to make shawls, I love yarn. I’ve finally gotten where I’m buying better yarns and learning more about yarn in general. Like a kid in a candy store.
I thought at some point I could make my own shawl designs, still mulling that over. I still dont quite understand the structure of the stitches to fix them when I make mistakes. On this shawl I learned to frog I think it’s called…I knitted backwards. lol
Anyways, thank you for your help, I’m going to go study the things you left me…:heart:

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You’re moving ahead and learning. You’ll gain more confidence as you go.

Frog: Rip it! rip it! Frogging is taking the needles out and just ripping out the rows. If you see someone went to the frog pond it means they ripped out their knitting.

Tink: Knit spelled backwards. Unknitting one stitch at a time and keeping them on the needles.

Knitting backwards: Generally this means knitting or purling a row without turning the work. Essentially it’s knitting left handed (or right handed for those who knit left handed.) I find it useful when I’ve not got a lot of stitches. I think some people might use it all the time.

When I joined here I knew how to make knit and purl stitches; I think I knew what a yarnover is. Thanks to people like salmonmac I now do much more than I ever thought I could. A lot of what I read or was addressed directly to me I didn’t grasp and filed in my mind for future reference. I still dig things out of the back of my mind that I was told 9 years ago and finally understand.

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LOL! Thank you for the language. I tink and frog alot.:heart: