Shawl Collar Sweater Pattern LB problem

I am currently knitting the Shawl Collar Sweater (free pattern) from Lion Brand.

It is knitting up really quick. i have run into a dilemma.
I am knitting the right front. I have cast off 6 sts on 2 WS rows for the shoulder as it stated. Then the pattern says “work even for 3 inches. Bind off.” I currently have 60 some live stitches on my needles and am on a K row. The diagram in the pattern isn’t super clear. What does the pattern want me to do with these 60 some stitches

The reviews that other knitters have written say that it’s a super simple pattern (which it has been up to this point).

If you have an idea or have seen something similar and can help I’d really appreciate it! I’m so close to being done the front and it’s torturing me!!!

After the 3 inches it says to bind off. It seems you have a lot of stitches because it’s also part of the collar. I’m not sure what you’re confused about… could you clarify? :think:

My question is what does "work 3 in. even. " mean? As Is stated I have 60 some live stitches. 3 in. isn’t a whole lot of stitches.


Ohhh okay. :thumbsup: Work “3 inches” means to knit till you have added 3 more inches in [I]length[/I] not width. So knit those 60 stitches back and forth till you’ve added that length. To make it easier to measure you can place a marker (safety pin or whatever) on the knitting now and then you’ll know where to measure from.

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ok, I have a lifeline in just in case… I am a bit unclear if I should continue the increases for the collar while knitting the 3 in.?
I wish that this pattern was clearer…grrr.

Thanks in advance for your help and patience!

“Work even” means to work it plain or in established pattern w/o any increases or decreases.