Shawl collar help

Hi, I am finishing up a man’s sweater with a shawl collar and don’t quite understand the directions. I’m on the part that says next row k1, work to last stitch,k1. I’ve done that. I’m confused with repeat the rows until lower edge of collar slightly stretched, fits across 3/4 of front.

I don’t understand what I need to stretch. Thx

You’ll be knitting rows back and forth for the collar. Stretch the rows out slightly so that the edge of the rows fills in 3/4 of that front flat area. It’s probably a number of bound off off sts at the center front.

Thank you! I figured out what I was doing wrong after a bit of research. I hadn’t left the front of the neck alone when I was picking up the stitches. I don’t think the pattern was clear on that. I found a couple of other places where there were assumptions made in the directions.

Ah, yes. I can see where that would cause the problem. Good that you were able to figure it out.