Shawl colar-Help!

I have been knitting for years but never tried a shawl collar sweater. I knit 230 stitches and now start 2x2 ribbing. it says to rib 128 sts then turn. Rib 28 sts, turn. rib 26 sts, turn rib 28 sts, turn. I am confused. When I do this, it looks wrong. What am I doing wrong. Please, if someone can explain I would be forever greatful.

Essentially, you’ll be knitting more rows in the area at the back of the neck on the collar. These short rows are to shape the collar and give it more depth at the back of the neck. There’s a video under the Free Videos tab at the top of the page, Advanced Techs, Short Rows. Your directions are to turn without the wrap part of the short rows. You can do the wrap, which helps avoid holes, or not just as you wish.

You work short rows with 128 sts in the rib pattern and turn, then work 26 sts in rib and turn, and so on. It will look a little weird, but it’s to shape the collar, putting more rows in the cent back of the neck. Once you start working full rows you’ll see how it works.