Shawl/capelet pattern needed

Anyone know of a good half-pi shawl pattern online? OR…
an open-front capelet pattern? I’ve been looking, but haven’t found “the one” yet. Thanks so much!!!

There also are some free patterns on the Interweave Knits website. A lot actually! Check the shawl stuff, but there’s a cute one in the lingere tab too.

I’m not the original poster, but I just checked out the Reading in Bed Shrug on the Interweave site. THANKS! I love shrugs and I think this one is moving to the top of my To-Knit list.


The one on craftster is called a `capelet’ after the original anthropologie sweater, but since it has sleeves, it’s really a bolero or shrug. We need shawl type wraps. I think there’s several on and Lion’s website has a few. I’ve seen a bunch here and there, but don’t have links… has a lot of shawl patterns.


lots of cape-lets here
or these perhaps?

variation of strawberry pie above

Thanks all! I really love that strawberry pie shawl. I think I might try that one. :knitting: