I’m finished :woohoo:
This is my first time really blocking anything important, especially a shawl.

Any suggestions or tips?
See (KAL Sun Ray Shawl) link in my sig below if interested.

was wondering if it is still not too late for me to join… I was hoping that I could still join and I thought about knitting the
[B]PERUVIAN CUZCO WRAP from elann. any thoughts??

You can join at any time! :cheering:This knit along is still realtively new. I haven’t seen the Peruvian Cuzco Wrap yet. Do you have a link?

ContiKnitter pointed me inthe direction of this great site from Knit Picks explaning all the ins and outs on blocking lace. Hope that helps! Maybe other people could give you some tips as well.

Thanks to you BOTH, you posted that just in time for me to block my first lacey shawl!

Be sure to post pictures when you’re done!

Here it is unblocked, I posted it at the Sun Ray Shawl KAL link:

i just cast-on a simple shawl (same one being used for the charity shawls). i am using some mystery yarn i bought from another knitter here. its 3 strands (not plyed) one a royal blue, one a royal blue boucle, and the other is a yellow/baby blue/royal blue. i am carrying a gold thread to add sparkle! all on 10.5’s

Hee hee…thats what Im doing too. Im going to do the simple charity shawl pattern in that yummy yummy yarn I got from anieepooh in the last yarn swap.

i love how simple it is! it really lets the yarn shine! plus its easy to remember and knits quick. (i do admit though, its been sitting forlornly at the bottom of my knitting bag :pout: )

What’s the link to that simple shawl?

this is the post with the patterns : simple shawl
and if you go to this blog, you can see some of the beginings of the shawls

Thanks! I was looking for a quick, easy shawl to make for Christmas presents.

Its fast! DH was watching me last night, and he was like…WHOA…when he saw how fast the first few inches came out…then I told him, wait till I get to the circs…its will take a while longer.

Oooooooooh, I just found this Beech Leaf Shawl, it’s gorgeous! I may have to make that!

Here’s mine. I call it “Pretty in Pink” I started it a week ago and it’s for a lady at church. FO will have pink fun fur trim!!!:cheering::happydance:

:happydancing:Kelly that is very pretty… love the pinks!!!

:woot:Arielluria love the color of your shawl it turned out very pretty!!

Civil war shawl is coming a long… I finally got it off of dpns… it is tight going around the 24" circ but easier to manage and keep track of all the sts… so far pretty easy knit… :blooby:

That is gorgeous! The pattern is a tad expensive though.
kellycarr05, I love the colors that you used, and I can’t believe that you knit that in a week.!:notworthy:

OK, maybe this is too much to ask for, but I would love a lacey shawl pattern for a large needle and chunky fabric which would make it a quick knit for gifts.

Any ideas???

I think the picture is deceiving. I have a ways to go still…that is only the bottom 9 inches maybe. I am a slow knitter…but thanks for the compliment anyways.Its the easiest shawl I have done and the pattern is free. Just check out the oddball shawl under charities section and you can get the pattern.:happydance:

The [B][COLOR=blue]feather and fan/“Old Shale”[/COLOR][/B] stitch pattern is [I][U]very[/U][/I] easy–only one row to really pay strict attention to :happydance:, and it’s only a four row repeat. If you wanted to knit a dishcloth using this pattern or a rectangular shawl, I think it would make a great first lace project. One very helpful tip I received with regards to knitting lace is to place markers between the repeats, and to count the stitches within each repeat after you work it to make sure it’s correct, that way, you’ll know immediately if you made a mistake (and where that mistake is).

Here’s the pattern–you need to do this in multiples of 18–and you will want to add a couple of stitches on either side also for a garter stitch border to keep the fabric from curling:

[B]Row 1[/B] I[/I][B]:[/B] [B]Knit[/B]
[B]Row 2[/B] I[/I][B]: Purl[/B]
[B]Row 3[/B] I[/I][B]: (K2tog) 3 times, (K1, YO) 6 times, (K2tog) 3 times[/B]
[B]Row 4[/B] I[/I][B]:[/B] [B]Knit[/B] (by knitting on this wrong side, this will produce a garter stitch ridge so the fabric looks like [B][COLOR=blue]this[/COLOR][/B]; or you may instead choose to [B]purl[/B] on this row to get a completely smooth fabric so it looks like [B][COLOR=blue]this[/COLOR][/B], but you may need to do some blocking or the fabric could possibly curl)