i am going to do this for my mum’s birthday (head start as its in december). its my first attempt at lace, but i like a chalange.

trouble is i need to find yarn to go with it. no idea what i need etc as can’t find it on the website (could have been one of those days when i looked last night as i was having one of those days lol)


[COLOR=deepskyblue]This post’s Swedish word/phrase: “Jag har stickat 45 rader nu” = “I’ve knit 45 rows now”

Day before yesterday I started knitting the Diamond Fantasy Shawl in Helen’s Lace (colour Jeans). I’ve knit the 35 rows of start up and then 10 out of the 20 rows that are then repeated 'til the end. I like the look and feel of it so far!

Had a hard time yesterday though when banging my head against the wall because of my inability to count properly. I had to go back to lifelines twice and also fudged three yarn overs that I had missed when moving my stitch markers… :sigh:

Hope it gets better when I learn the pattern and can read my lace.

I’m thinking that this shawl might be a birthday gift for my mother. Or maybe a Christmas gift? :shrug:

What would be a good pattern for someone who’s never done lace in her life but is interested in learning?

I’m pretty go forward on most things I want to knit but with lace, I’ve taken advice from a couple of posters on the forum and I’m doing dishcloths. As much as I’d like to run head long into a beautiful lace shawl, I know myself and would give up on it if I don’t have at least the basics down… :wall:

Everyone’s projects are so beautiful!!!

The Sun Ray Shawl (link below on my sig) is my first attempt ever at lace and I found it very interesting and easy to do.

Please post there if you are going to do it, I would love to see all the different colors, some are already posted there. I found picking the color (as you will see by the posts) was the hardest thing for me to do.

Having an issue with bindoff now, but only because the directions don’t match the picture.

I thought (for my warm climate) it might be nice to make a shawl in Peaches & Cream cotton. Has anyone done that? Taken a regular pattern and done in cotton? If so, how did you like the way it turned out?

I knitted Cozyin Brown Sheep’s Cotton Fleece… it turned out nice I was kinda worried about it… a little heavier than I thought… but I made it for an older friend to wrap in and not get to hot…

Cozywas my first lace I think… It was very simple to do and didn’t have any problems with it… turned out pretty than the pictures on knitty show…:thumbsup:

Lace is actually easier than you think. I was:hiding:from lace for a while, until I actually started something and realized that all you have to do is a little counting with a few glances at the pattern or chart. It would probably be easier to attempt lace in one straight rectangle first though as there are no increases to add to the lace that make it more confusing. (It doesn’t have to be a dishcloth, keep in mind.)

Oooh, I’m in! I am currently knitting the Shoulder Shawl in Syrian Pattern from Victorian Lace Today, in KP Shimmer (Turquoise Splendor). I’m really excited about how it’s turning out so far!

Catownedanna - I really really want to do the Diamond Fantasy Shawl next, possibly for a black tie wedding I am in this November. I can’t wait to see how yours turns out!

Okay, I’m trying to figure out how to post pics on this new board…

Oof, just discovered my files are too big now. Will try again later.:thumbsup:

:woot:The Estonian Garden Wrap is done… will block today and hopefully have pictures tomorrow…:woot:

I am really taken with the Butterfly Shawl pattern and would love to hear from any others who have knit this successfully. The yarn called for is somewhat beyond my “yarn budget” at the moment and I’m hoping someone can recommend a less expensive (read cheaper :lol: ) substitute.

I have never knit a shawl before, my experience has mainly been blankets/afghans, scarfs, and 1/2 dozen or so aran sweaters.

I’ve recently started knitting with a group of ladies one or two nights a week and was pleased to realize that it’s quite normal to have a number of projects on the go - at present, cotton dischcloths, an aran sweater, the Irish Hiking Scarf and soon the shawl :grin:

My files are always “too big”, so I have an account on flickr and get the url from there.

Yes, pics please! I can’t wait!

I haven’t made much from 100% cotton but I did make a dishcloth that didn’t block well, and that doesn’t seem to convenient for a shawl because the lace ones always need to be blocked. Just my two cents.

Good point. Thanks!

[quote=carmabelle1191;869920]My files are always “too big”, so I have an account on flickr and get the url from there.

Your Flickr pics won’t show up unless you edit the URL…is it OK for me to share how??? I don’t know…
Here’s an example from My Flickr album:wink:

I posted some photos of the Estonian here… but I’ll put a different one up on this post…:happydancing:

I tried to google the shawl but couldn’t find any photos… to see what yarn they used… I don’t have the book but the patterns I did find were very pretty so I added it to my wish list on Amazon :teehee:… can you tell us what yarn it calls for? Usually with a wrap/shawl it is pretty easy to change the yarn…

LOL my new Year’s resolution was one main project… one small project for the car… umm yeah my sig below tells ya what all is on my needles…:rofling:

Arielluria, your dog is the cutest! And of course, I love the socks.:wink: It seems to work now, if it didn’t before. I forgot to mention that you have to put img quotes around them. Sorry!
Dustinac, I love the color of your shawl, and the lace looks perfect! Great job!:cheering:

Dustinac, the yarn called for is Tahki Cotton Classic - 18 skeins of it, the gauge is 20 sts/24 rows = 4". I was leaning toward Cotlin from Knitpicks but am open to any suggestions.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy the book, there are some lovely shawls to choose from.

That would work… I’ve never tried it before… I have used the shine and it works up really pretty too… so does Brown Sheep’s Cotton Fleece but it is more pricey… has some good cotton’s … and… I’m using breeze by Crystal Palace on a tank right now and like it… used Sonato from elann’s to make my little girl a tank and it worked up well too…:teehee:
Can’t wait to see what you chose :thumbsup: