Why not start a knit-a-shawl-a-long :eyebrow2:?

I’m about to start a shawl that I had already done but messed up at the very end. :frog: So I was wandering if anyone wanted to do a knit-a-long with me? Or you could knit your own shawl, whichever you prefer.

The pattern is from and the link is:

I just casted on my 5 stitches (since I’m bigger i thought i might make the larger size)

Enjoy! :woohoo:

I’d love to join you… My mom bought me a gigantic scain of brown and blue boucle yarn, and it had a free pattern for a beautiful shawl that i’m going to have to try.

Great idea! :slight_smile:

I am in the process of making my first shawl also. the pattern was only $2 to download and is really pretty.

now i’m on row 31 and i’m still knitting strong :woohoo:

I’m finally gonna finish the shawl today!!! oh boy oh boy oh boy. All I have left is the edging…