Shave felted bags?

Does anyone do this?

I felted my bag knitted with Lamb’s Pride Worsted and there is a lot of fuzzies and I read that you should shave your bags when it’s done drying?

Never felted, could someone share opinions? Does anyone do this?

Guess I’m not sure how to do either…just cut off the strays or what?

Thanks, sorry if I sound like a dope :oops:

:thinking: I was wondering the same thing about my felted clogs, they are a little fuzzy lookin’. Maybe someone here can help us! :wink:

I have left it fuzzy and have shaved…personal preference!

(Hope KK doesn’t see this…she might have a knotty comment :oops: )


after using the bag for awhile it will need to be shaved again.

fuzzy or shaved :rofling:

:fingerwag: :fingerwag: Now, now, let’s be careful, here!! :rofling:

Waxing is the preferred method in the midwest…
bbwwwaaaahaaaaahaaaaaa… couldn’t resist!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

:?eyebrow: But doesn’t it ruin the knitting? :thinking: :shifty: :roflhard:

Well, here’s my dumber question,

are you taking a bic razor to it ?? :??
I really don’t mean to sound so dumb :frowning:

After all our silly comments, you feel dumb!! :shock: :oops:

I haven’t shaved my knitting, someone will have to give you the proper tool advice. Just remember that NO question is dumb!

Some of our answers, however. … . . . .

not a dumb question at all.
I just use a regular ol’ razor, a Gillette with disposable blades, the kind I use in the shower, but not a brand new blade ('cuz I didn’t want to ruin a brand new blade), and shave the little fuzzy pilly things off.
you don’t HAVE TO do this, but mine was looking pretty ratty and unkempt with all those fuzzies hanging off of it (ok, sorry, that last part was sort of a double entendre) :rofling:

I purchased a small hairbrush and brush the felted bags to remove the “fuzzies”…sometimes also use a sweater shaver, but it doesn’t work that great. I’ve felted a couple of bags with LPW…and it seems to be fuzzier than most yarns I’ve used for felting…I think I prefer Galway or Cascade 220 rather than LPW for felting handbags.


i would think those sweater fuzzy shaver contraptions would be a good bet. even though it’s felted, i’d worry i would nick something, heaven knows i do that to my ankles. :shock: or those sweater stones or funky “comb” thingies i’ve seen in the knitting catalogs…

lambs pride yarns are fuzzy because of the mohair. i just bought me some of the hand painted originals to make a hat out of and am excited to get started on it. i think it is gonna be perdy. i actually buy the lambs pride and other brown sheep yarns specifically for the fuzzy! i love the look! Sooooo…here’s my assessment…felt it, dry it, and then decide. might want to felt a swatch first too so you can shave it to see how it looks shaved.

Hmm… we should do a poll… clean shaven or au naturale??? :eyebrow:

I think the Lamb’s Pride is SUPER fuzzy, too, just like the knitpicks WOTA. The Knitpicks merino style isn’t fuzzy at all, but it also isn’t as sturdy… more flexible and soft.

I used a sweater shaver on a few of my felted FOs. I got a cheapy one at first, and it didn’t work well, but then I got a nicer one fore baout 15 bucks at [size=1] [color=white]walmart[/color] [/size] and it works really well. Never tried a razor, though, I might do that next time. I won’t even SUGGEST you try to use scissors to remove the fuzzies Hildie breaks out in a cold sweat at the thought of scissors near her knitting

Thank you all for the advice!

I did see one of those sweater shavers and it really intrigued me!! It’s really not that bad, it just a little trim (snicker)