DH took his sister and her friend sailing yesterday. They were dragging a lure and hooked this 5+ foot Mako Shark! His sister Christina took this picture, but I thought it was cool with those insane teeth! :shock: He broke the lure and swam away, but I guess it was pretty exciting!
Here’s a link to a really good large one.

Nice picture . I can imagine it was exciting for them . :slight_smile:

This is in California? Sharks are everywhere :biting:

Wow! I would be stunned and horrified if I pulled that out of the water!:zombie:

Too bad it got away. Shark steaks on the grill are great.

Great whites have been seen up in Humboldt County for years, check out this video -

Hi Jan! Hope you don’t mind I sent this to my DH’s work so he can see it there tomorrow. He’s a die-hard fisherman (mostly bass) and I know he’ll get a kick out of it.

We often hear about sharks off the coast of N. California, where we live, but have never had a close encounter like this one! :thud:

OMIGOD that would have scared the cr$% out of me!!! Excuse my language. I’ve been scared of sharks ever since Jaws!!! I live in San Diego and you can go in snorkeling with these sharks in La Jolla. Apparently they are not the people eating kind but I still won’t do it. I won’t even go swimming by that beach only south from there where they don’t mingle with the swimmers.

Thanks! This was taken off Dana Point, CA. He’s sees sharks pretty frequently, but never caught one this big. It was really too big to bring back in. It was at least 5 ft long and probably 200 lbs he said. Besides we don’t have a freezer big enough for that much meat. Also…why kill it? :wink:

He sees Blue Whales all the time now.

Why kill it??? Have you ever tasted shark steaks cooked on a grill after being marinated over night?

Yum yum!

I regularly catch sharks 6 feet long and larger down home. It’s not as much meat as you might think as a lot of it isn’t worth eating.

That’s an amazing photo! What an experience!

Holy smokes! What a picture!

That’s a great photo.

“I think we caught a big one…” Reels in… “EGAD! It’s a Mako. Uh oh better watch out for Mako.”

Holy Smoke. I would have lost it.

:shock: EEK! I woulda been shrieking!! LOL!!

cool picture though!

Whoa! I would have wet my pants if I had pulled that sucker out of the deep!:teehee:

Yikes! Great picture.

I saw Jaws when it came out; I was 11. To this day I cannot go to sleep with my feet dangling off the edge of the bed. :aww:

I think they’re gonna need a bigger boat… :teehee:


Great photo!! That would have scared me to death, I’m sure of it…:teehee:

That’s quite the picture! I would have been startled to death if I had pulled that thing out of the water. I’m such a land lubber, much to my DH’s dismay. He loves sailing on the ocean blue.