Shark teeth as cast off edge / top edge

My pattern let me down!!!

I found this really cute pattern in a magazine (German). it is a shark hat for a kid.

knit in the round it mainly has a slow decrease on one line only then a tail fin is formed in 2 parts and a back fin is made. Untill there I was happy with the pattern, then it let me down.

the instruction for the backfin were “sparce” to be friendly. But for the teeth it only telly me to pick up the stitches around the cast on and “make teeth” - out of 90 stitches I shall make 18 teeth. (well, I just want to give that for reference).

So: the hat sits so that the sharks mouth is wide open and frames the head. that edge needs teeth.

Now I lack some creative power here… I COULD make a picot edge. ok. But that will be too knobby, to really look like teeth. (triangular, not rounded)

I could crochet the teeth.

But I really just want to knit them up perfectly.

Does anyone have an idea?

I would really like to send this out soon!

I tried and tried and finally gave up on all my short row experiments…

my solution: I did not take up all stitches but 8 stitches to the left only. then I purled all WS rows over all stitches. On the RS rows I made k1 ssk knit the middle stitches then k2tog k1
back and forth until there were only 4 stitches left, then I did sl2 k2tog pass both slipped stitches over.

now, I hade thought of that to begin with, of course. But I really did not want to have to cut the yarn on each tooth.

So, I went back to my childhood craft experiments and whipped out the crochet hook. I did the tight stitches (don’t ask the English name, please) down the left side of that tooth.

when I got to the bottom, I took that stitch onto the knitting needle again and took up 7 more stitches to start over.

the teeth now look triangular, shark shape, and are nicely 3-dimensional since the decreases make it look structured.

I am happy now and hope it will fit the little one (it will be a little big right now. But I will include a rubber string and it really is meant for a little later in her life…)