Sharing My Favorite Holiday Sites

22 days 'til Halloween, 49 days 'til Thanksgiving and 77 days 'til Christmas. Since the holidays are approaching, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite holiday sites.

These two sites list Halloween programming. Unfortunately, the Holiday Pages site doesn’t seem to have anything listed this year, but there are other things to see.

If you go shopping on Black Friday, take a look at this site. There are forums to discuss Black Friday, among other things, and they post as many Black Friday ads as possible, way in advance!! To see the ads, click on the “Sale Ads” link in the top right-hand corner. There was one ad listed so far, but they had to take it down. In the past, most ads have started showing up around the middle of October, so they should start getting them any day now!

This site lists alot of holiday programming. There’s nothing listed for Christmas shows as of yet, but towards the middle of November, this site gets busy!!

Do you have any favorite holiday sites? If you do, let us know about them!

I clicked on the first link and jumped 29 feet when Vincent Price started laughing his maniacal laugh! :oops:

Well, I’m gonna have to pimp my own Halloween site…lol…Click the Everyday’s Halloween link in my sig! :wink:

Awesome site! Thanks for the link. You should be pimping your site it’s great!

I found this one last year when I was putting together our cookie exchange at work…lots of fun stuff for kids, stories, puzzles, games and cookie recipes for me.

:smiley: Don’t think anyone else has posted this… but I really just skimmed thru. :smiley: