Sharing an FO

I think it’s my first time sharing here. I made these Convertible Mitts (free pattern on KnitPicks) for my dh and finished them last weekend. The pinkies pinch a little bit where I picked up to knit the mitts, but it doesn’t affect how they wear for him. Gotta knit him a hat to match, now, too! Oh, yeah, I made them out of Peace Fleece in Baku Black.

nice job! I love these kinds of mitts!

those are very nice!! knitting those little finger parts must have been hard!!

Very nice! :thumbsup:

Wow, impressive! Can’t wait to see the matching hat!

Nice, practical mitts. Men all seem to love black.

Very nice!

Those look great (and hard to make! LOL )

Great job! Can’t wait to see tha hat

Fantastic job. Keep up the good work!

those came out great!!!

Great job! They look so soft and warm!

Those are great! Nice work.

They look great!! :woohoo:

very nice work those turned out great!:cheering:

They look good and warm!

Those look toasty warm - great job! :hug:

Very nice work! They look great!