Shaping with short rows

I made a hat with this pattern and I like how it turned out. Now I would like to employ the same technique of short rows to make a variation of this.

This pattern is worked so that you have “ear flaps” on the sides. Instead of the ear flaps I want the sides AND back of the hat to be longer, but still have the rounded shape at the front of the ears.

I thought this would be pretty easy to figure out, and it probably is, but I cannot get my little brain to do it. Let’s blame it on the sinus headache.

Does what I want to do make sense to anyone?


You didn’t say which pattern you were using, but I did something similar last year with Cameron’s Cap (pdf file, scroll down a little ways). In the original pattern it says to place markers at the 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 points, as well as at the beginning of the round. The short rows in the pattern as written work first around the beginning of round marker, and then once that ear flap is complete you work around to the 1/2 point marker and do the second ear flap from there.

When I modified it to be longer from the earflaps and all the way around the back of the hat as well, this is what I did. I knit all the way to 3 sts past the 1/2 way marker, TURN, purl to 3 sts past beginning of round marker, TURN, etc. – I won’t go into all the detail because you are likely using a different pattern but do you see what I mean?? Instead of working the earflaps one at a time I worked them both at the same time, including all of the stitches in between that go around the back of the neck.

What if you just take your existing pattern, and instead of making two earflaps, just modify it a bit to make one really, really wide earflap instead (by adding extra stitches in the middle for the back of the head coverage)? KWIM? Then you would have the same shaping in the front of the ears that you got in the original pattern.

Knitqueen, you must have ESP since I forgot to post the link to the pattern. That is the pattern I as referring to and what I want to do differently!

Next question, I want to do the headband portion in K2P2 ribbing. I was experimenting with this and the wrap and turn and keep getting screwed up and purling where there should be a knit. However when I knit or purl said stitch I could swear that I am doing it correctly. Is it the wrap and turn that is messing me up or am I just not paying attention?


And yet another question…

I followed the directions on Cameron’s Cap for the wrap and turn. I think I did it right as is there is no hole. Now, I just watched Amy’s video and it is drastically different.

Any thoughts?


I’ve seen wrap and turn done a couple of different ways. The way I do it (learned from a Barbara Walker book) is a little different procedurally than the way Amy does it, but structurally I think it’s the same or similar. If it looks okay, go with it. If it doesn’t look okay, there are other methods for doing short rows too. My favorites are Japanese and encroachment, but which one I use really depends on my mood more than anything else. I recently used W&T for socks.