Shaping the shoulder on a sweater (I'm back)

I followed the directions given by Sue on the neck shaping for the back of the sweater, which left the final bind offs in the middle of the neck edge. I started the neck edge on the back with seven bind offs on the shoulder edge, then three bind offs on the other side on the neck edge, then seven bind offs on that shoulder edge when I turned and three on the other side etc. Now on the front side, I’m almost ready to do the shoulder shaping, and noticed that the instructions are different. The pattern says to first, on the ws, bind off 7 from shoulder toward the neck on the purl side, and then on the other side, purl across. Then Bind off 7 more on the knit side when I turn the work and knit across on the other side. This doesn’t match the back. Am I reading this wrong?

On the last row of BOs it doesn’t matter if you go from shoulder to neck or neck to shoulder - there won’t be anymore stitches to be worked. So that was probably okay for the back.

The instructions for the front seem to have you doing the BO from shoulder to neck, and that’s fine too. If there’s a row difference in the front and back shoulders it’s not noticeable.